Abortion pill in uk>?????


know about the abortion pill that is avaliable on the NHS but will the GP let you have it on your first trip there?
I know there is something about 2 docters having to agree but didnt know if this applied to the pill abortion.



Hi, have you gotten the info you were looking for? It seemed like you were in a hurry for a quick fix when you first wrote last week, so maybe you wont be back to read these posts ... just wanted to say that rushing into a decision can lead you to do something you didnt really want and can never undo. By the way the abortion pill has a lot of risks you can read some of the stories on this forum about extreme long-lasting discomfort, nausea, bleeding. Also see http://www.nytimes.com/2006/03/18/national/18abort.html. Some are lucky, some not so lucky. We are here is you want to talk about your situation good luck. Peace!



Yes,the two doctors thing applies to both the surgical abortion, and medical abortion.
You have to go see your gp, or go to a clinc (like faminly planning), then they will refer you to a hospital where the second doctor will talk to you about it and agree, youll have a scan and forms to fill in (about what procedure, consent and the risks involved).
Depending on how far along you are there may be a choice of a medical or surgical abortion.
When i had mine i went to the gp, was refered to a clinic to see a second doctor, then they booked an appointment in the hospital a week later. If you have a medical abortion theyll give you the first pill to take at the hospital, then send you home. Youll have to go back a day or two later for the next set of pills and usually have to stay there for the day.

Good luck x
If you have any question about the procedure feel free to pm me


Abortion pill in uk

The GP has to refer you up to the hospital for a scan, they need to check how many weeks pregnant you are. So 2 docs do need to see you. Good luck.

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