Am 7months pregnant and i want to place my baby for adoption if i fail i will have to abort


hi am from Beershebam in Israel am 23years old and i am in serious problems. I learned that I was pregnant at 7months ago, shortly after moving in with my boyfriend.We were planning for our traditional wedding at the time things were moving on smoothly for us three months later he lost his job that's when things turn wrong he became so miserable that he started drinking each time he drinks we will fight and he will beat the hell out of me,twice i was carried unconscious to the hospital after severe beating from my boy friend .Feeling scared and insecure, I didn't know how a baby would fit into my future since his father was no longer ready to bare responsibility . Upon seeking counsel from friends and family, it seemed logical to consider abortion as an option. After all, I am young, pretty and intelligent. I have my whole life ahead of me

Already i was at the 7th month of my pregnancy. This fact certainly complicated matters. this meant that I would have to have a different, more costly, kind of abortion. With the support of those I valued most, I made a decision. An appointment was set for one week later.
i did not respect this appointment i started having second taught when i surf through the Internet seeing all those women who needed babies and are ready to travel to the extreme end of the world to adopt a child i sort the advice of a friend who told me to search for adoptive parents who will be ready to cover the expense of the delivery and keep the baby. i knew it was a better option."is there any one wishing to adopt a baby yet to be born you "can contact me at aaliyahrahman1@gmail.com



Do you have to pay for the hospital visit and birth in the hospital?



Hi there, have you found a family for your baby yet??


Omg !

Please please please dont even think of aborting at this stage! You will only inflict pain on your baby and yourself that you will possible not get over. Get rid of this man, he is a worthless sh!t who doesnt deserve a beautiful woman and baby.

I am talking from experience both abortion (early stages - and that was enough mental pain for me) and having been in a destructive abusive relationship so please learn from my bad experiences.

Leave him. Use that intelligence you say you have! You will be ok, you are strong and worth so much more than this.

Adoption is the only other alternative I think you should consider.

Good luck, I feel for you.



trust me on this one, you are not in the right mindset, just stop, breathe and think clearly for a moment and think to yourself "do you need your boyfriend around when he beats you?".. you are thinking more about your future with your partner than yourself and your child.

no.. this is not your fault or your childs fault, i support abortions but not this far ahead, and adoption, you will truly regret it.

What you need to do is leave your boyfriend, married? no way, don't even think about marriage with this man, are you prepared to have a life with a drunk, being beat, just hoping every day it will get better, wondering what would have happened if you made a different choice through your life?

Pm me if you want to talk but really you are not thinking straight and im sure you would agree with me if you were in your right mind to have an overview of yourself.

good luck



I do not mean to sound heartless, but if you are only 23 years of ages did you not think to use contraception!!!!!
There are plenty of woman out there who would die to have a child and can't concieve.

Maybe you should look into using contraception next time.

This post is not aiming to hurt or upset anyone, sorry if it does,

i totally disagree with abortion especially this late on during pregnancy seems the child is fully developed.



by: tilleysmum

isnt the cut off point at around 22 weeks when the baby is viable unless you are carrying a handicapped child or a baby with sever life threatening abnormalities ... getting rid of a child just because you have an abusive partner is a sad excuse to give up a child why not go to a womans refuge and become a single mum if you are as young and as pretty as you say you are then you should have no problem rebuilding your life without the father present millions of women gace the same predicament every day... sorry to sound harsh but i really think that you need to weigh up every possible outcome and look into the abortion because i am positive its too late for that.


This association might be able to help you find adoptive parents

Hi there. So sorry to hear your sad story, but very glad to hear you are doing the best thing for you and your child. The Be'ad Chaim Association could probably help you find parents for your baby, they could put you in touch with adoption agencies and give you other support and advice.


Be'ad Chaim Association
For the Protection of the Woman and Unborn Child
Rehov HaVi 115/16, Beersheva

Best of luck to you in your difficult situation but I have a feeling everything will work out great. Let us know what happens. Shalom!



by: cindylee1

wow, people are harsh. i think she was engaged and didnt need to be on bc, or somethimes it doesnt work perfectly. I love that you are thinking in the best interest of the child. I also know lots of women who do a fantansic job being single parents, but that is incredibly hard. You can get an abortion up to the due date is some countries, its illegal in some due to moral issues. I would go with adoption over abortion having felt it inside you.
hope i helped

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