I found out last week that i am 6 weeks pregnant....I have 3 children already 4/2/and 1 year old next week. Also a 11 year old step son. My hubby works away alot and Im on meds for PND. Im 6 stone overweight (working on this as have joined a slimming club) and can only deliver by c-section. I dont see how we could possibly keep this baby.............a 4th section is dangerous for me, we have no money and I struggle already. Hubby is dead against baby and from the off said he will leave if I keep it....I feel that a termination is the right thing and have an appointment to discuss with the doctor but I feel so lonely and so sad!

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Hope this will help

Sending you a pm with some websites which might help. Take care and let me know how you make out. xx



Hey hun im in the same boat. Ull gst 1s tellin u ull msnage, once hubby sees it hell change etc etc. But u c the reality an u wil b left wif it if all goes wrong. I found out 2 wks ago. I ws sad up till y day now i think im doin the right thing for the kids i have. Im self employed, theres a recession on, if my work goes ... up then ive lost everything. Ive jus bought a sports car, theres money lost an il have t change plus hw will i pay it? I dont wanna feel guilty, its the hardest thing il ever do but i cant think of 1 reason t have it. I Still feel crap tho xxxx

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