Men in lingerie


Hi i am a straight male but like to ware lingerie.Please can you tell me what you think about it

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Men in lingerie

Hi, I'm also straight, and like you, I also love lingerie, bra's, panties, thigh highs, strappy heels, satin slips, and I'd like to go further, but I'm lost in the world of make up, wigs etc. It would be great to fully dress, but it's also something I prefer to do alone, maybe one day I'll meet someone I can trust to share this magic passion with.



Lingerie is so cool, women are so lucky to get to wear all of the different styles, shorts, french knickers etc. Floral or lacy , I am v jealous.


I think it's fun

i like it. I don't find the idea of my man in my knickers a turn on as such, but i do find it a giggle. And we could go knicker shopping together.


Jim carrey swimsuit

Hey that reminds me: have you seen the photos of Jim Carrey in a swimsuit?!


Happiness is all

Dear lingeriemale,

If what you're doing makes you truly happy - be it dressing up in sexy lingerie or stamp-collecting - and doesn't hurt anyone, then I believe in live and let live! You must however, surround yourself with people (friends, partner)who don't have a problem with this and respect and love you for your personality rather than 'wheel out' your preferences as a dinner conversation starter.
Enjoy yourself! If it were a toss-up between cotton Y-fronts and a satin-covered corset, I know which I'd pick and all!
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Happiness is all

by: lingeriemale

Hi thanks for your kind words.Have had a look at your web site mmmm where is my credit card lol.I am after some advice,i don't want to look like a woman i just like the feel of the lingerie what bra would you recomend



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