Loss of appetite after c-section


HI all, i had a planned c-section on the 10th nov and had a lovely little boy (still not named!).
I have zero appetitte since giving birth, anyone else had this after a c-section, when i do eat i feel sick, all i can really manage is carbs, bread, potatoe etc.

Donna, Scarlett 20 months and baby boy 9 days old.

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Congratulations! Well done and welcome little boy with no name yet!

I was exactly the same after my c section. Just had to try and eat what I could but really didn't feel like it for a few weeks afterwards.

How are you feeling? How's Scarlett? and how much did he weigh?

It's just dawned on me that you may have already posted all this info...ignore me if you have!

Hope you are ok

Rach x x x


Hi donna

I had exactly the same after me c-section, dh was practically force feeding me as he was worried about bf.

My appetite started to come back after 2 weeks and now I'm constantly hungry due to still bf.

try not to worry and just eat whatever you can face to keep your strength up until your appetite comes back.

Sarah and Luke 4 months

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