Belly button piercing.. please help


Hi, Im 15 and i really want to get my belly button pierced but i had a few question's and im hoping someone can help answer them

1. How bad does it hurt

2. What's the chances of it getting infected? like if you keep it clean wash it everyday can it stil get infected?

3. What's the worse that can happen if it did get infected.?

4. I live on a farm and we have well water,(Not the cleanest water) Would it be okey to get the piercing wet? or would it cause it to get infected? and if i so how would you reccomend me keeping it dry when taking a shower??

5.How long till you can change the peircing?

6.What is the best way to take care of it?

7.Does it hurt alot after you get it (like to sit up stretch etc)

8. What's the best to get it pierced with barbell or the ring?

Thank you hopefully i get some answer's


Belly button peircing

1. The pain isnt that bad, for me it wasnt as bad as getting my ears peirced because its a needle instead of a gun. The initial pain is over in 5 seconds and then it hurts a bit afterwoods but i am a total wimp with pain and it was fine for me 2. I cleaned mine every day but it got a bit pussy, i did play with it more than i should have done though 3. Dont worry if it does get infected, mine was absolutely im not sure what the worst that could happen if it gets infected is, google it if you wanna scare yourself you'll be fine as long as the belly bar is surgical steel or something that wont irritate your peircing and you clean it twice a day though 4. Showers are fine but you cant have a bath untill 8 weeks after getting it done 5. 8-10 weeks untill you can change the peircing 6. Clean it twice a day and dont play with it too much, they told me not to move it at all and i did and nothing terrible happened, i kinda liked the puss tbh 7. It will for a bit, i was able to dance the next day, the only thing that hurt me was if i knocked it or lay on it and even then the pain lasts for about 5 seconds and its not unbearable 8. I got mine peirced with a barbell, I think as long as you go to a well known peircing place theyll know whats best


Belly pericings

Hello, I'm 15 and i've had my belly pierced, so have many of my friends. It doesn't hurt at all and is a very quick procedure. You HAVE to wash it ATLEAST every other day, I would recommend washing it everyday! The well water is an issue, mine became infected after around 4days! I didn't touch it and kept washing it, however its VERY easy to become infected. I wouldn't recommend that you get it peirced, purely because of the water. However, if that does becomes an issue you can take it out and put a large plaster over the belly button. I now used tea tree oil on my pricing and it helps with the infection. DO NOT TOUCH THE PIERCING FOR AROUND 8WEEKS! It WILL become infected, good luck!



Hi, i'm 14 and recently got my belly button pierced. When you first get it pierced it dosn't hurt that bad at all. Don't listen to these other people who have replied by the way. If you've ever gotten blood drawn I assure you it hurts way less than that. It feels like a pinch and they do it really quick. And the chanced of it getting infected are 9 out of 10, but the infections not that bad at all if you clean it properly. This is the main piercing that gets infected the most (told by my piercer/tattoo artist). And I would not use well water only sink water or bottled water. It take 4-9 months to heal. The best way to take care of it is washing it only twice a day, no more no less, for as long as you can (4 months preferably or until healed). Get the spray Bactine and clean it with a cotton ball or you can use anti bacterial soap or sea salt, move it up and down while cleaning it then rinse it off. Also always make sure your hands are washed and clean before touching it. I played with mine 24 7 when I got it done and its midly infected right now. It is normal for it to get little red rings along the top and bottom of the ring and they may look like their pussing but white discharge that sometimes sticks to the ring is normal just clean it off. I got the barbell I thought it looked better and the truth, it didn't hurt that bad when he pierced it but 5 minutes after the piercering procedure was done it started throbbing. It will throb for about a hour or two so be sure to take Advil before or after the piercing. It did hurt a little going down a bumpy road on the way home but I assure you its all worth it(: Good luck.



by: beautiful0595

I am 14, too and got mine 2 months ago. It doesn't hurt that much, except for the first day It hurt a bit to sit down or bend my stomach. I wouldnt suggest well water.... I use salt water from the tap.



i had mines done it was fine but i have a high pain threshold.

IT probably will be painful at the end of the day needle arnt made to go through skin for metal to then be put in.
It might reject.

The best way to take care of it is to do what the piercer tells you.

You shouldnt change the piercing for like 6 months.

you dont need to keep it dry while taking a shower just dry it after.

I really wish they would put the piercing age up. sigh


Belly button piercing

I had my belly button pierced with my daughter just over 2 weeks ago now! To answer your questions:

1) It hurts less than having your ears pierced
2) Unfortunately it is down to the individual about getting infections! Keep your fingers away from it, leave it alone as much as possible and clean it a couple of times a day with boiled salted water.
3) Not sure what could happen if it gets infected, best idea is to speak to your doctor if it does as they can sometimes save your piercing and advise you dont take it out until the infection has healed!
4) I would not recomend getting it wet in well water! Try a massive waterproof plaster while showering and then clean with boiled salted water when finished in the shower to clean.
5) My piercer suggested a couple of months before changing piercing. Just choose a nice one to get it pierced with even paying extra money for the jeweled ones so that you dont feel you need to change it and leave it in as long as possible.
6) As I have said simply boiled salted water in a plastic cup and then turn the cup upside down on the belly and sit like that for 15 mins to thoroughly soak the piercing and then use clean cotton buds dipped in the water to clean any gunk away from top and bottom
7) You actually forget about the piercing once you have had it done. I only feels funny for a couple of days! Once you forget about it it only hurts when you catch the top
8) I would go with the barbell as it is less likely to get caught up in things it will be easier to keep clean as you dont have it getting germs on and then turning it inside yourself, and the bars look better with the jewels in meaning you will be less likely to want to change it too early!

Hope this helps. Let us know how you got on and if you had it done! Message us again if you think of anything else you wanna know. Once you get it done you will wonder what all the fuss was about and then become addicted to piercings. I have 7 in total now including my ears and tongue and am wondering what i can get done next! Good luck


My piercing experience


I was about 14/15 when I got mine pierced and I'm 25 going on 26 now. It really doesn't hurt when you get it done. Like any wound it can get infected. If you dont clean it enough it can and if you clean it too much it can as well. I got mine pierced 2 times cause the first time it closed when I went to basic when i was 17. Just make sure you turn it everytime you do clean it just like an ear piercing. I use a cleaner called Bactine when i got mine pierced. I got a ring when i got it pierced and its better cause it gives you more turning room. Hope this helped you.



I'm a 16 year old teenage girl.
I can answer some of your questions.
I had my belly pierced over a year ago and it does not hurt one bit. And im terrified of things like that.
If it get's infected just take your belly bar out. no need to worry but it could heel up.
mine got infected from wearing a fake silver belly bar so i had to take it out and a big lump came. i had to pop it and it really hurt but it was only like a blood blister on my belly button. and then when it got better i pierced it through myself.
I wouldn't advise you to get your belly pierced with the ring i'd have a barbell. with the ring it catches easy.
It can hurt on the way you sit and move once had it done but not pain that will make you cry. The pain will last up to about aweek.
Once you have it done don't keep messing with it and just let it the pain go away itself.
If you keep messing it can go infected.
It's normally about 2-3 weeks before u can change your bar.
after 2 weeks if everythink seems okay turn your bar around in your belly acouple of times and then changed it if it seems ok.

I can't answer any other answers but the ones i have i hope helps you when you have it done

Thank you


Belly bar

i got my belly button pierced when i was in primary 7 so i was about 11 years old. honestly if you look after it well its no problem at all!

it doesnt hurt that much. its a pain you would forget. about the same as getting your ears pierced.

there a few things you can do to keep it clean. clean it about twice a day with tcp or if you can get any use warm water mixed with salt as this works really well at healling it faster and keeping out germs. the water has to be boiled first as this takes all the germs out of water. this would esp help you as you said your water isnt the cleanest. as long as you boil the water it is 100% clean as the germs are killed off.

the worsed thing that can happen would be if you didnt clean it and it got infected. but this is easily fixed. take the belly bar out and keep cleaning your belly button and it will clear up. the worst thing that could happen if it got infected is that it wouldnt be a good idea to ever get it pierced again.

i would advice you get a bar instead of a ring. they are easier to handle, look better plus i think a ring might get caught on things! but a bar doesnt.

no it doesnt hurt after getting it done. you will probebly forget you even have it done at times.

i wouldnt advice you to change the bar for a good while. choose a pretty bar that you like so you wont mind keeping it in and dont change it for a good few months 6 months if possible, its best to give it time to heal before changing it.

and finally, getting your belly pierced may seem scary but honestly once you have it done you will wonder what you were fussing about. all you really need to do clean it reguarly and it will be fine. oh and swimming really helps aswell. the clorine in the water helps it heal and kills any germs that might be in it. swimming is the best way to clean it and have fun at the same time!! good luck x


I am illergic to metal

by: princesskiwi11

hi my name is mollie i am 11 years old and i want my belly button peirced, but i think there might be a problem i am illergic to metal i have my ears peirced and they got infected 3 times until i dicoverd that i was illergic to metal. i dont know if it cost more to get proper gold or silver because i dont want my belly to get infected , and i dont know if i have any good peircing studio's around my area i live in fife (scotland) and my sister (16) got hers done when she was 12 and i really want it done but i dont know where to go or what to do please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mollie xx


It's ok

1 It hurts a little
2 It can still get infected
3 You have to have antibiotics or take it out
4 Keep it dry for a few weeks and bathe it in boiled water which has cooled down with some salt in it
5 Give it at least a month or 2, they close up really quick so never take it out for long
6 Just keep clen, dont fiddle with it, batheit regular
7 no once it;s done doesn't hurt to do anything. like ur ears
8 My peircer recomended an ring (hypo allergenic or stainless steel)



I think I was about 15 when I had mine done (im 25 now). Questions you have about care is obviously something that you can ask the piercer. However, I think I remember that I was given a saline to clean the area twice a day for a couple of weeks. This solution is the same as contact lense cleaner. To this day, I have luckily never got an infection, but of course this is different for every person, how well your skin heals and how well you keep the area clean which is very IMPORTANT! I love my belly button stud and have absolutely no regrets. It does hurt but only the initial piercing which soon goes. Make sure you have your parents' consent first and make sure you go to a clean, reputable piercer and you should have no problems. Good Luck!


by: zineth01

You will never get infected if you are able to clean your button everyday. . . Cleaning it using the solution that being used in cleaning contact lens help a lot.

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