the spot


I really want to know what is easy, cheep, and REALLY WORKS on spots. Also, if you know all the smileys, could you tell me? I know :/ Is there any more??

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Bust those spots

Tea tree oil works the best you can buy it from health stores or places like boots. just put a bit on the spots at nite be fore you go to be, it drys them out really quickly


Hi biscuit

There are plenty of smiley`s on smileys central.just download for free



that's a great idea!
I'm always really pleased to find natural alternatives to drugs and chemicals.
A dab of toothpaste works quite well too, or just perfume overnight to dry it out. I find I have less spots when it's sunny.


It works for me =>

I suppose it depends what type your skin is, but for me aloe works the best! I have the plant at home, and whenever there is such a need i just cut a piece off As for spots, you can either clean all your face with it (NB!- It very often dries your skin out ) or just rub the spot a bit!


Thank u

by: biscuit58

Thst cool, becuse i have a alo plant at home! I will try it! !!! Thnx


:/ :3 ???

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