my ex left without a word of explanation


Hi all,

would like some advice if poss. Me and my ex were together for a few months and it was great at first, although after a while I started to notice that he was a bit closed up at times - i went on holiday with my friends and when i got back he seemed really distant - needless to say - he said he would be in touch and never was. Any ideas?

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My ex left without a word of explanation

maybe he has commitment issues. How long where you two together. or maybe he doesn't know how to break it to you that he doesn't want to be with you so just laving without an explanation was all he could think to do.


My ex left without a word of explanation

by: sunshine8411


We were together for 3 months, i've bumped into him twice when out with my friends and he has spent the best part of the night staring at me? your probably right, it's just taken me so long to get my head round the idea that someone can just leave and not think to say anything to you. so selfish. I also heard that he has been telling lies to any guy that has shown any interest in me since the split, to put them off me. any ideas?


by: lkhagerty

The dudes an ass and has a problem. Maybe he's mentally twelve years old or something? I wouldn't include him in your life.

Though I honestly am not sure what to do about him lying to people. Maybe go to a place ya know he wouldn't to meet someone? I'm not sure if theres a helpline for lying ex's though. Sorry I can't help more on that



by: sunshine8411

Just popped onto the site, havn't been on for a few months! Thanks for your reply and your right! It's funny, seems so long ago now....and I feel so much better but if I were to be absolutly truthful I'm still not completely over him. It's weird but it's like a gut instinct or something that it's not the end of a chapter but a page? god knows? I give myself a headache when it comes to him! but when it comes down to it he simply doesnt deserve me! x

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