Bio oil


Hi girls !

Just like to say to those girls who are getting ready to buy their bio oil. Boots charge £19.99 for 200 ml, and ive just found it on amazon.co.uk for £8.42 for 200 ml what a saving. Also postage is free it takes 3-5 days.

Luv Sherryxx


It's the massaging that helps......

Just wanted to share something I learnt last Summer.
Unfortunately, my daughter suffered a burn (resulted in a minor with no permanant scarring), she was referred to a burns unit because of her age, after weeks of treatment, and dressing changes we were discharged. I asked the specialist about Bio oil as I had used it on my scar after both c-sects, he advised that it's the massaging that actually helps reduce scar tissue, I was surprised and ended up using E45 on my daughter's hand once the skin had healed enough. Apparently the massage helps disperse fibrous scar tissue on the surface.

I'm booked for a ba in 8 weeks time and I'll be using an alternative to Bio oil. Thanks for the info on this product, scary!


so confusing !!

by: oldgirl56

I was worried about doing more harm than good with scars at the beginning but happened to have some neals yard oil which is completely organic so used it after about 3 weeks and has been great -also been using palmers cocoa skin therapy oil on the whole boob and scars -not quite so pure but very good .I agrre -watch the chemicals -our new boobs are precious !!! x


Really interesting chat lead me to find out what we need to heal well....

http://www.wddty.com/healing-wounds-and-reducing-sc ars.html

take a look quite a lot of info but this may give you a heads up on other factors which may affect / improve our scar healing time.

lucy x


Chemical f

I have a degree in Chemistry yet am a bit of an old hippy and avoid chemicals if at all poss. eg natural stone deodorant, no hair dye only natural henna, you get the picture!!
I personally wouldn't touch bio-oil. It is a derivative of crude oil, just a 'purer' version of diesel or petrol. We all know to eat healthily, or at least try to!! Yet the skin which is our biggest organ is absorbing chemicals from perfumes, soaps, makeup daily. To me there has to be some big reason for the cancer rate increase in the developed world and surely it can't all be down to our food!! I know of 12 people with cancer or in remission at this time whereas my mum knew of only three during my childhood. Why is this?

Guess if you can cut down your chemical overlload anywhere then it's well worth it.

Like others have said Rosehip oil is a beautiful oil to use, as are some of the base oils for massage like Sweet Almond and even plain old Sunflower Oil.

Good Health Girls x


Title was meant to be chemical free!!

by: michm1

And it won't let me post the above without leaving a message!!


rose hip oil


I was using Bio Oil But had a bit of a reaction to it. Went to the health store, they reccomended Pure rose hip oil £9ish for a small bottle, but in the short time ive been using it ive seen a MASSIVE difference in the scars. 14wks post op and now just a fine pinkish line, no lumps or bumps, nothing.

Give it a go.


Bio oil

Hi Sherry

Thanx for that - have just ordered my bottle ready for when I have my 6 week check up




I would sudgest researching to make sure your happy with it any of the following, they need to be put into a carrying oil, such as olive oil or rosehip seed oil.

Helichrysum is great for new wounds, use it around, but not on open skin, its also helps with bruising. Works on old scars to, some say it helps with pain reliefe also.

Lavender, good for new scars, again around not on, helps fight infection and keep it away! aids body in regenerating new cells.

Tea tree, neroli and sage are good also. Have a look for yourselves.

Im just trying to say get the information before you decide, with anything. Not just bio oil!



I had no idea, i only brought some bacause it seems to be the only lotion that ever gets mentioned . Also my nurse told me to use it.

What can we use instead ? im not to bothered about my scars as they are tiny.

Is it ok to use Vaseline intensive care moisturiser on me boobies ?

Luv Sherryx


Rosehip seed oil

by: georgie333

There are so many online, how do you know which are the genuine items? Is it the same thing as rosehip oil? I don't use ebay but it's very expensive from Boots and other online websites sell it very cheap??? Is it a carrier oil?



just a note to anyone who wants to save a lot of money and keep your health....look at the ingredients in bio oil....look at what it does.....why waste your money? by the way...maybe look at your make up too!!!

its a gimick!!!

Parafin Liquidium the main ingredient increases risk of cancer. If this is not enough two other ingredients are carsnogenic too. Sorry about my spelling, but guys look at what your using, dont listen to he media, money owns them, money goes to money.

Look for yourself, make an educated decision on what you do, god knows we have all done the research on our boobs...dont go slapping on something just cause. And yes I know about all the chemicals which are slowy released into my body from my implants, but i have weighed up the pros and cons.

sorry to go on. Just p's me off that companies take our money and sit back and poison us!


Bio oil

by: gogirl30


I've used bio oil before for scars that have totally cleared up. It does work and isn't a gimmick. i will be using bio oil again when I have healed fully to reduce scarring, though my scars are already healing really weel after one week.

You can get it much cheaper than in Boots. iI too only paid around £8 for mine online.


Cancer scare

by: gogirl30

If we listened to all the cancer scares we wouldn't use eat or drink anything. Unless you have professional knowledge i don't think it is wise to scare people on here with personal opinions.

Girls, just use common sense and don't worry too about things and certainly don't believe everything you read on here!!

Makes me laugh


Last laugh?

by: ewoitsme

As I said its an informed decision, if you bothered researching you wouldnt use it.

Common sense for me is looking at what is in something rather than falling for advertising, yes it feels good on your skin....chocolate yummy to eat, aspartame is great in zero callorie drinks.....look it up hun, Aspartame, wake up. Drinks, foods, cosmetics have really bad thigs in. Sorry for caring and trying to let people know.

It is scary, im not saying its easy to find the information, but dig deep and you will find how screwed this world actually is.

If people looked instead of laughing......

Of course people dont believe everythign on here, but its a forum...for gathering opinions to research.....if you dont beleive in reading this stuff why bother writing it?

from someone who cares.


About bio oil ans scars

by: ferl123

Hi i was reading your post and i actually register to ask u about what is something good to use on my acne scars. i was using bio oil but after reading your post and doing some research i don't know what to use.

i use rose hip but it broke me out real bad! i was thinking scar zone, or even the black soap?
i would love to hear your opinion and what u think works. if you don't know then i would 100% accept your honesty better thanks!!


Here here..

by: fizzipop

Hi Hun,

I started to use it but then was curious to know what was in it so did some research. Apparently we might as well just be coating ourselves in liquid plastic. Not for me, I have enough plastic in me already! Ha Ha.

Its personal choice at the end of the day but im sticking to my natural oils xx


Don't take it so personally

by: gogirl30

hey don't take it so personally.


The top 5 myths about mineral oil part

by: gogirl30

http://thebeautybrains.com/2006/11/28/the-top-5-myths-about-mineral- oil-part-1/

mineral oil also known as Paraffinum Liquidum

Mineral Oil Myths
1. Mineral oil is contaminated with carcinogens. While its true that some petroleum derivatives contain carcinogenic materials (like some polycyclic aromatic compounds) the mineral oil that is used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry is highly refined and purified. Its purity is even regulated by the US FDA and other international regulatory agencies. There is absolutely no evidence that cosmetic grade mineral oil causes cancer. And there has been plenty of testing done to ensure that fact. We could find no published reports in any of the dermatological or medical journals indicating a link between mineral oil and any forms of cancer.


Oh yikes!

by: holly1904

Thanks for that am not going to use it anymore. I was slapping it on leading up to my ba in the hope of getting my skin well moisturised! Think the rest might go in the bin. I know this sounds a bit disgusting but i was wathcing s'thing on tv the other day and there was an Italian woman saying the only thing she has ever used on her skin is olive oil....might smell funny but I guess it can't do any harm! xxxx


Bl**dy hell!!!

by: xjoxjox

I had no idea about this!!!! What will you be using on your scars then??? I'll just copy you!! HEHE!!!

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