Boob job at 18?


Hi girlies, I'm new to this forum and have been reading through you're posts for agessss now lol the other day I came across some stating that some of you had BA's at 18,19 years of age, but I always thought that the FDA only approved sillicone implants for women of 22 years or older? I realllyyyyyy want a BA so any info you could give me on this would be great Thank youuu!

Rachel xxx

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i was 18 when i had mine done 3 months back.

went with MYA .. i dont think my surgeon wanted to op on me subconsioucly.

he never said but he did make a little comment about my age.

its fine as far as i know.




im 18 and had mine done in march, dont go to Bupa, they refused me because of my age!! x



by: xrach0x

oh right thanks for that info, so where did u get yours done n how did that go? what size where you before and after etc

Rachel xx


oooooooh thts brilliant thanks girls, made my day lol i think maybe i did get confused with america

Thanks again
Rachel xxx



Im 19 and having mine on the 27the june! u have to be 18 to have it done.


Im 19 and having mine done 30th june.

The minimum age is 18 and if you go to bupa i think they may do younger.


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