Boobie gaps?


Just wondering how much of a gap you ladies have? starting to wonder if my pockets have been made a little too big.

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I had a gap before my last my ba

I used to a have about 2inches gap between my boobs and hate it so much but now because I've gone a lot bigger there's no space to creat a gap anymore, I'm so glad


Hey kinky

Standing up: approx 1.75cm
Lying down: approx 2cm

Not much diff between the two! Bearing in mind my left implant hasn't dropped either (I'm the same as Molly). Wonder if my pockets are too small?



Gap lying down

Just read other posts.

Gap is definately bigger when lying down-look much better when standing.




Hiya-Ive got about 2 inch gap-My first op it was even further.

My PS told me to wear bras that pulled boobs in to stop them from gravitating outwards!!




Wot do u mean hun too big? Do they touch in the middle ? X


by: kinkyboots33

no chick! the opposite.....
when I lie down they just flop to the sides, i know thats what there supposed to do but not sure if mine flop a bit too far.. if the pockets are too big the implant tends to flop all over the place!

Jings I like the word "flop" dont I.... flop flop flop....


by: naomibabylu

O i see silly me,i have quite a big gap lay down was Gonna bring this up with the rest of the f#*k ups on the 14th at my 6week appointment bin writin list of problems lol x


what are we like ah!

by: kinkyboots33

why dont we share our list of fuk ups

maybe best by pm as we might scare of the pre-op ladies!


by: naomibabylu

Ha ha i know lol we wil Fight for perfect boobies hun,ill pm wen i get near the comp mite help me think of things i may of missed x


I can comfortably put 2 fingers inbetween mine, and have quite long skinny fingers too... not sure if that's a good or a bad thing! xx


Hello kinky!

by: leaspin

I have a two finger gap too.



by: kinkyboots33

is that when your standing up? is it the same when you's are lying down.....



by: leaspin

I will pop upstairs and check!

I will report back shortly


I have carried out my research

by: leaspin

My gap is definately bigger when I am laid on my back. My boobies kind of move to each side and I can fit 3 fingers when on my back. I hope this is normal



thanks for checking...

by: kinkyboots33

well..... when i lie down I have a pretty big gap but what worries me is that if i try and feel for the inplant it kind of doesnt start at the beg of my boob - its like, my boob then a couple of cm till my implant begins cos its all under my blinking arm-pit...

or pocket a bit big?


You are welcome

by: leaspin

I think some of it depends on what you had before. I had a little bit of boob (and post baby stretching) so I guess there is a bit of movement, but if I had more natural boob I would expect them to part a bit more (a bit like Moses and the waves!).

Not sure about pocket thing though, maybe it is all linked to the double bubble because I cant tell wear my boob ends and the implant begins.

Sorry I can't help more, but it gave me a good excuse to boobie watch (it is still my favourite past time).



A whole fist

by: huggs1

I recon I could get a full fist between mine lol! However my original yukky bobs were really far apart so I quite like the big gap, they look more natural on me. I had hp conicals too so I'm guessing hp have a smaller base making them smaller on my chest so not as close together, does that make sence?


Big gaps!

by: ddbgxx

My gap is quite big too but it was before surgery. My surgeon told me it couldnt be changed if there was a gap before then there would pretty much the same after xx

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