Breast reduction any one unhappy with results?


i had breast reduction surgery 20th april went from a 38e to a 36d but unhappy with result there mre like a c cup and very sore n numb at sides they look 2 far apart also and 1 is bigger than other the left side also as a lump of fatty tissue which my surgeon said he would be able 2 sort but ya can tell im really unhappy with the results and want 2 know if any 1 as had the same results as mine i would be very gratefull for any advise many thank xleannex


Hiya - mine's great

i had one done my Mr sojitra and it all webnt ok.
went from 34h to d and he managed to avoid the scar underneath the breast. he does the mimal scar technique . he specialises in brests at the royal free and deals with a lot of redos i have heard.
worth checking out.
where did you get your op?


Pics of your op

by: happywomble

Have you any pics you would like to share of the work done by Nilesh sojitra??


Breast reduction upset at results

by: leanne220682

hiya not sure were bouts u live had mine done at northern general sheffield and really unhappy with results just luk far 2 small and seem to face mre sideways than in middle i have no cleavage im really gutted xglad yours r great love wish mine wer x

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