Cambridge private hospital shut down... please help!


Hello everyone, im new here!
This message is just a plee for help really.
I had a BA done at the Cambridge Private Hospital, Wimpole, 4 years ago. I think it was with Dr A ERIAN but Im not completely sure as I saw a few people.
I was only given a receipt- no details of that make of implant or sizes and I now need to find out as I think I have a rupture.
Im going to see MyBreast for a replacement however the surgeon would really like to know size/make at the consultation (i also get money off if they are removing pip implants) but as CPH shut down in 2009 how do I go about finding out these details? Is there any way? I have tried ringing all the numbers I can find but they are all cut off.
I just dont know what to do,
If anyone can help it would be really very much appreciated.
Thank you

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Sorry to hear this

hello sorry to hear this,
1st call i would made if i was you would be to hugh james, i this she will help you, she is helping lots of ladies on here with pips in, me too. maybe she could point you in the right way
hoping you paid by a card, i would call them too, pls see my other thread about paying,

if you think you have a repture, go and see your gp and she or he will fast track you for a scan
candy x

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