Capsular contracture, who's had it and what did it feel like?


Hi there, my name is Melanie, i had a breast uplift with 270cc implants placed in April 2010, sadly i've now developed Capsular Contracture in both breasts, my left breast is really very hard, almost like a ball feel, however i have no pain, my right breast feels slightly softer than the left but is very painful, it almost feels like a sharp stapping pain, and sometimes, burning, stinging sensation, i also have pain in my right shoulder blade, arm, underarm, my lymph nodes are inlarged also under each armpit, i'm having surgery to correct the capsular contracture this friday and new 560cc placed, has anyone had capsular contracture and did you experience pain, what did it feel like, i'm starting to think i'm the only one who's suffered this bad?
Kind regard Melanie. xx



Lola did you have any pain into your armpit and neck and back like myself and Melanie ? I have a constant dull ache only on the right side of my body which is the side of the breast that feels a bit hard now



Lola did you have implants under the muscle or not ? What were your symptoms ?



by: lolasrocks

Yes my first 2 sets were under the muscle. 3rd set are partials and polyurethane and have now gone rock hard really sore and rejected again. I think i need them removing now for a year then replacing x



I have had cc 3 times i am due re aug number 4 this year



Would love to hear how you're doing now Melanie I'm having a worrying time and would love to speak to someone with the same symptoms that's better now maybe! Hope to hear from you soon x


Cc for second time

Hi all
My symptoms sound very similar to yours Melanie, I don't have any lumps but there is defo inflammation all around my arm and pain up my neck, shoulder and around rib cage. Had my implants done on the NHS but they won't replace anymore will only remove but I'm in so much pain I'm contemplating it. If I could guarantee my implants were the issue I probably would but the doctors think it's muscoskeletal and postural rather than my greats causing it, I think it's a combination of both. I had CC in my right breast after my first surgery where I had the implants under the skin above the muscle, this time I have them under the muscle so I'm wondering whether that's why it's more painful through my muscles and armpit.


Bodenbabe... what is your current status in aug 2014?

I am hoping to hear about how things have worked out for you? I only have pain in R breast and shoulder and first attempt at correction didn't work out. It was just revision of scar tissue though... not a full on replacement. Please do share if you get a chance.
Many, many thanks.


Surgery all done

Well i had my surgery 2 weeks ago now to correct my CC after the surgery my surgeon came round and told me the CC was quite bad in both breats, my left implant had actually ruptured but the silicone was still inside the implant. I had a bit of a night mare the following evening, my left breast started swelling up, so i had to have it re-operated the following day to drain the blood, not very nice. Prior to have my breasts corrected from CC it was my right breast giving me trouble, the pain was horrid as not only was it in my breast but it was also in my back and shoulder and i also have swollen lymph nodes under each armpit. 2 Weeks on and my pain is still in my back and shoulder and my lymph nodes are still swollen, has anyone else still suffered from pain after having CC corrected?


I had cc too...

Hi, only just seen your post & I guess you've had the op by now...so wondering how you've got on.

I had grade 4 CC within the first year of my original op & had a re-op the end of this Jan using polys. Funnily enough I had very little pain with the CC, it wasn't till after the re-op I realised just how bad they actually were. I knew that my breasts felt tight & I couldn't lay on my front or anything but straight after the op they felt a world better. Funny how your body soon compensates & gets used to things. Also i've noticed this time around I don't seem to get much 'morning boob' which previously lasted for at least half an hour on waking each morning & was horrible. Lasted for 10 months! Fingers crossed I continue to escape this!

Also, how do your boobs look now second time around? I don't think mine look as good as they originally did but it is still early days I guess. But they feel a whole lot softer & more natural.


Op for cc

How did your operation go? How is the pain now? I've got my op booked for 13th April, I'm having 420 overs. I can't wait to get rid of these awful PIP's, the pain is really getting me down.


Capsular constractor

Hi Melanie, I am sorry to hear both your implants have capsular constractor. I have one ruptured implant and one capsular implant!!! I went wit the HMG. They have lied to me and have been terrible. Honestly I WISH I had not had it done by them. xx



by: bodenbabe

Hi asmith2354, what symptom's did you get from the ruptered implant and what did your capsular contracture feel like, i'm sorry your going through a terrible time with your implants.



by: asmith2354

I don't have a confirmed rupture but that fact that my breast is getting smaller is probably a bit of a give away! The cc feels like my breast is being squashed from the inside, the pain is in my chest behind the implant and radiates around my back and into my shoulder. I have quite a high pain tolerance level, having had 2 children and child birth! and other shoulder operations, but the pain from this some days makes me feel sick it's so bad. I'm not having a good day with it today and it really gets me down. Since my breast has started shrinking the pain is much worse, I feel unwell in myself too, really tired and run down and constantly aching all over as if I am going down with a cold. I saw the nurse at my GP surgery today ( for an unrelated matter) and she was quite concerned at the sate of me. Even though I'm going to a private clinic she has advised me to see my GP asap as I don't have a date for surgery yet. ( trying to get the funds together!) I'm seeing him on monday but not sure what he can do really, even if I get some stronger painkillers that will be a help. How is the pain with yours at the moment? When are you having surgery and who with?


I can so relate

by: bodenbabe

Hi asmith, i can totally relate to what your going through, reading your post almost makes me cry because i know EXACTLYwhat it's like, because i didn't realise my breast problem was related to my implants for the past year i've been suffering and told by my normal gp that it's just something i'm going to have to put up with, Great!!! It's funny because my surgeon has confirmed CC on both breasts, my left breast is very hard and yes i can tell i have CC in it, however my right breast is much softer, and looks flatter if that makes sence, butr this is the breast that's causing me the pain, so i'm also thinking possible rupture. The pain is constant apart from when i sleep, it doesn't wake me up. The pain radiate's to my right shoulder, especially my shoulder blade, upper back, behing rib cage, sometimes neck, and sometimes down right arm, i also have swollen lymph glands under each armpit, someday's the pain get's so bad, like you i get so low about it, my doctor has even prescribed me anti-depressant's which i haven't taken. I'm actually having surgery tomorrow morning, with my original surgeon Adam Topping, at Clare Park Hospital in Farnham Surrey, but i've had to pay more money, i am hoping and praying that once the CC has been sorted and new implants placed i'll be getting back to normal. The whole thing has given me a terrible anxiety problem, as for the last year i've been thinking i've got breast cancer and i wouldn't live to see my kids grow up etc. I hope you get some answers on Monday, let me know how it goes.


Capsular contracture

I have cc in both my breasts. My left one is a grade IV ( the most severe ) and my right one a grade III. Both my breast implants feel quite hard, but as they are under the muscle my breast tissue on top is still quite soft. My left breast is really painful. It aches quite a lot of the time especially by the end of the day if I've been doing lots. The pain is in my left shoulder and radiates around my back too. I am at the point now where I have to take pain killers because some days it's quite excrutiating. Are you having a capsulectomy to remove the capsule or just having a capsuleotomy to free up the capsule?


Capsular contracture

by: bodenbabe

O my goodness, it's so refreshing for me to hear about people in a similar position to me, obviously not good your in pain though, isn't it horrible, you never think after surgery that something could go wrong! I'm having a capsulectomy and new implants placed, hopefully this will make the pain ease up, i'm on regular pain killers as the pain is almost constant, are you having surgery too?


I have cc too

by: hbeebee

I have developed CC too. Mine doesn't sound as bad as yours as I only have pain every now and then, but when I do get the pain it is a sharp stabbing pain in my left breast near the cleavage and it hurts every time I take a breath or raise my arms above my head. As im a dancer\Fitness instructor this is really hard to deal with as it stops me during class sometimes and I cant continue!
My surgeon is also Dr Topping and Im having revision surgery on the 30th April. Im curious as to how your surgery went. I hope it was all straight forward. Im worried that the revision surgery will be more painful, how was it for you?
Mr Topping said I have CC in both breasts and that my right breast is worse (even though I never get pain in my right breast, it is harder than my left), so Im having surgery on both. Did he do revision on both of yours too?
I really hope that you are recovering well from your surgery!


Info/ update please.

by: ctr823

Hi there. I currently have CC in one breast and I am getting the stinging burning pain occasionally. I was wondering if you can kindly update me on how you are feeling after all this time. Was your second surgery successful? Did you have any issues with the new implants? I am currently debating if I should replace the implants or have them removed. I'm really scared that this could happen again. I'm really confused and not sure how to proceed.
Any information provided would be greatly appreciated.


Capsular contracture

by: bodenbabe

Hi hbeebee, thx for responding to me. I'm a week post op, my surgery didn't go great i'm afraid, once i's come back up from theatre things were fine, then later on in the evening my left breast really started aching and increased in size, the hospital called Adam and he came and saw me the following morning, i'd had a bleed inside my breast basically and needed to have the breast opened up again and drained, not nice but it was resolved soon after, yes he did revision on both and he placed larger implants back in as he said i'd get a better result, has he done this for you? My right implant had actually ruptured too. It's interesting that you responded, how did you get on with Adam, what did you think of him, what other symptoms did you get with CC, i have swollen lymph nodes under each armpit at the moment, my gp say's it's inflammation from CC, but Adam say's it wouldn't be that, it's starting to worry me a little.
Also do you mind me asking did you have to pay for the new surgery, how long after having implants did you develop CC? Sorry for all the question's, which hospital do you use?
Kind regards Melanie.


Update please

by: ctr823

Hi there. I currently have CC in one breast and I am getting the stinging burning pain occasionally. I was wondering if you can kindly update me on how you are feeling after all this time. Was your second surgery successful? Did you have any issues with the new implants? I am currently debating if I should replace the implants or have them removed. I'm really scared that this could happen again. I'm really confused and not sure how to proceed.
Thanks for much in advance for your help.

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