Does anyone have soft jiggly boobies with unders?


i am having re op on the 23rd and want to change from unders to overs as i think they will be softer to touch and move more like natural breasts.
this will be my 3rd ba both times have had unders and they hardly move at all and feel really firm, not like real boobs at all.
is it just me or do other girls with unders feel the same?

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Ive had mine done just over 2 weeks ago, mine are unders, and comppletely soft and natural already. Im actually disappointed as I liked them better firm..lol



by: angelkitten1

it's good to hear that unders can feel soft and move well too, i guess i have just been unlucky or my chest muscles are extremely tight.
hopefully with the bigger size it will stretch the muscles out more and they will feel softer.
i have been told i should stick to unders to look more natural as i would end up like victoria beckham if i change to overs.
he did say overs are softer and move more but don't look as good.
a girl can't win lol thanks for replying girls


Hey hunny...

I had 515cc unders about 6 weeks ago and mine are pretty soft... They dont move about like real boobs do but hey there good enough for me hehe xxx



when i had my first unders they moved like real boobs and were soft 450cc but then muscles tightend and they went much firmer and didnt move much, this time i have 705cc they are very soft and move a lot apart from 1st thing in the morning when to me they feel like rocks (very odd), i wanted overs as i also was worried they would be harder but have very thin skin so surgeon wouldnt do it for me good luck with your op,

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