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Hey, Just joined up to site, having my BA on October 3rd with Dr Chantarasak wondered if anyone who has had him could get back to me and give some info on how the surgery went.


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Ba with dr chantarasak


I'm having my BA on Tuesday with Dr Chantarasak. I'll let you know how it goes. Eeek, I'm getting nervous now!



How did it go/

by: lils1231

Hi, how did it go? Hope you're recovering well.. Would be nice to hear your experience as I have a consultation with Dr Chantarasak in less than 2 weeks... You're so lucky its all over for you! x



I had Ba with Dr Chantarasak on 7th August. I am very pleased with the results, he's an excellent surgeon. The scars are very neat and they are looking great now (3 weeks post op). I had 300cc under muscle. Was a 32 a Im now a 32 d.


Thanks for your reply!

by: shannel010

Oh thats good to hear, i'm having 260cc overs on 3rd of October which i've been told will take me to a full C, i'm so excited but a little nervous too. If you dont mind me asking,what was the whole op day like for you, how long was the surgery, did you stay over night and does Dr Chantarasak use drains?

S x x x


Post op

by: becca1984

Had the op on Tuesday - all went fine, really not as bad as i thought it would be. difficult not being able to lift things and not driving but overall am very happy with dr c's work!
Op took about an hour then I was just in and out of sleep for the rest of the evening. I didn't have drains but I guess that depends on the person. I stayed over night and was ready to leave by the morning. I had unders so probably a little more discomfort. Hope everything goes well for you! Let me know how you get on.



by: shannel010

Hey, Congrats on your new additions, hope you are healing well.

What size did you go from and to?

x x x



by: becca1984


All's going well so far. I was a (very) small 34a and I'm now wearing a 36b. Hopefully I'll end up a 34c. Had 260cc unders.


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