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Has anyone had a breast augmentation at the New Birkdale Clinic with Dr Hardy and are pleased with the results. I have a consultation on the 8th Jan and would be grateful for any feedback to help with my decision thanks x



by: mrsr3

Do hope everythin works out I think they will be supportive for you and help sort the situation could be a good reason and a good answer fingers crossed for u x


High profile ok too

by: casey1012

My 2 friends had the high profile and both theirs r fine too, hope u get the rippling sorted hun x


Casey xx

by: mrsr3

This may sound mad but all packed now and thinkin do u take packed lunch? Obviously be starving once all done!! And deodrant can u use after op or do u have to just stink ha ha xx



by: mrsr3

Im in shock still at how quick and easy it was! Booked in at 7, theatre 7:45 and was texting family before 9am to say I was fine! I had unders and was scared about pain but nothin I cant handle. Still swollen and they look high and pointy ha ha scared to look but mr h looked at them before I left and said I would be pleased! Goin to be brave in morn and have bath and a good look! Cant believe all done and dusted! The staff lovely to got a 24hour mobile number aswel that takes u straight to a nurse if any worries queries so thats reassurring as heard post op care not great. Hope everyone else is doin well xxx



by: kirkstone1

I also had ba with mr hardy yesterday,I didn't go in theatre till 6pm and was sitting up at 8 all the staff lovely everything went well pain is no we're near as bad as I expected so far so good


Hi kirkstone

by: mrsr3

Didnt get to meet u I was prob gone home by time u got to birkdale! Mr hardy was working late then I no a couple of girls on our little ward had ruptured pips and there ops were more complicated felt so sorry for them. Did the nurse mention when u could put clean bra on? Iv had a bath and unsure wether should leave this one on while it remains comfy or change - scared they feel like they will fall off when I pop open this bra as they nice and secure at mo ha ha! Cant wait to go back mon and get dressings off and be told all healing fine x



by: pixiedon

They told me to put a clean bra on every day hun x



by: mrsr3

Monday 7am il let u all know as soon as I can x


They feed u x

by: casey1012

They will give u something to eat after op, u have a choice of sandwich with salad and tea but if u wanted to take something extra u could x


You still happy?

by: mrsr3

Some negative stuff coming on here but all stuff about mr hardy great! Had another consultation so not worried he said didnt matter for me hp or xhp as under muscle! He was great this time x



by: mrsr3

Hi goin with hp as not goin that big! He let me feel both and wasnt major differance! So hard makin these decisions I just said il leave it with him and trust his judgement! He said hp! O god only a week to go iv no finger nails left so stressed with fright!!! Ha ha xx



by: mrsr3

Cheers for that x


Any joy?

by: mrsr3

Hiya, did u get any reassurance from the birkdale? Im back tomorrow final consultation before op on 25th and im armed with a list of questions!! Although she did say I wont get long coz mr hardy fully booked! Thought I was the one paying!! Xxx


Sure will be fine x

by: missjx1

This could be normal just hope they get back to you soon as they seemed really caring. Are your boobs painful at all? Keep us updated x


Feeling it!

by: missjx1

Yeah ever since u mentioned it ive been paranoid! I can definitely feel a lump on the right & they are tender but look okay?! Still quite firm but suppose to be expected? Just want you to be happy as its such a big thing to do x


Mr hardy

by: mrsr3

Girls just been reading mr hardys profile on medical council he sounds fabulous hes written books got a phd and alsorts! Hes consultant surgeon at aintree hospital for thyroid, endocrine and breast - theres no way he would jepordise this amazing career he has built up! Im a nurse and no these type of doctors can be trusted 110% so it makes me think its all going to be ok for sure xxx



by: mrsr3

This makes me feel ill! I go fri for final size and booked in 25th feb feel like the pressure is on! I have read so much positive stuff that was enough to wipe away negatives! Will u post on here wot they say please? I think il have to mention all this fri. Thank u hope u get sorted and all ends up ok x


Not good

by: missjx1

That's not good news - mine are absolutely fine at the moment. Let me know how you go on. Are you seeing mr hardy on 5th march.



by: pixiedon

Could it just be a stage while they are settling? Mine are fine at the moment. Mr Hardy said when I first met him there was little chance of ripping etc for me with the size of implant he picked for me and my own tissue etc etc.


Aww its ok

by: mrsr3

No worries dont think iv done enough research thats why this is great here! Iv messaged casey she seems to be expert in this im happy to pay bit extra x

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