views pls on dr umar d khan at reshape west malling


Hi everyone help please i have a few consultations booked up for next week
Dr U D Khan of Reshape
Dr John Pereira of BMI Somerfield Maidstone
Dr Saif Khan, Luke Meleagros, Barbra Lutz of Transform
aslo Harley Medical Group dont know surgen names yet
looking to have a ba and a poss mini tummy tuck so far like look and price of Dr Umar Khan
any good or bad veiws pls sooo confused and indecisive


Go for it!

Hello hun,

Welll.. I had my breast aug in April.. 4 months later they are honestly - AMAZING!

I know 5 friends that also went with Khan and i was obviously told about him, they all look amazing.. and i am SO pleased with my result!

I'm 21, 5ft 5, size 8-10 and WAS a 32AA. I am now a beaut 32DD! My implant size was a 365cc and i had the muscle slice (which is a new way, to apparently look more natural - true). I have a few photos so inbox me if you'd like them and i'll e-mail them to you.

I was hardly in any pain, i expected so much worse but everybody is different so i'm just telling you my own personal experience. I went down at 4pm and was out of the clinic by 10pm, nurses all very helpful, Dr Khan was lovely, i remember him cuddling me and giving me a kiss on the forehead when i come round, he cuddles me every check-up i go to now! lol. He honestly is lovely and i don't know what Dr Khan other people have been to but hes been an angel to me!

Im just a name on his list but he's changed my life! I do not regret it in the slightest.

4 weeks post-op i was a bit naughty and wore an underwired bra on a night out but changed back into my sports bra as soon as i got home - no problems! I don't advise it obviously in case you experience different. I was told 6 weeks post op (at my second check up.. first check up is 12-14 days after surgery to remove dressings)... that I could now wear underwired bras and slowly resume normal activity. This doesnt mean in the first week; Gym, Swimming, Dancing.. it means slowly resume..

Go for it girl! It'll be the best thing you've done! xx


Problems with khan

I too have had problems with Dr Umar Khan of ReShape Clinic. He was very abrupt and impatient during my consultation, and I felt his attitude was very negative.
I have also found too that he is not a licenced specialist and this worries me somewhat. I see that I am not the only one voicing concerns about Mr Khan and his lack of specialist Licence, and from one women to another, I would not recommend Mr Khan nor ReShape clinic to anyone seriously considering cosmetic surgery.


Dr umar khan

After having a consulation myself, I researched Dr.Umar Khan of Reshape, and to my horror I found that he is not a registered specialist!! Im not sure if this is legal?! but even if it is, i dont understand why anyone would visit a surgeon that isnt a specialist?! ADVISE!!!


Not a specialist?!

by: racheljanelloyd

Thats ridiculous! How can an apparent surgeon work without a specialist licence? - I wouldn't have thought that shouldn't be allowed?
What a scary thought. I will definitely do my research before visiting clinics from now on. But by the sound of it ReShape wouldn't be worth the time.



Hi i had two consultations with Mr U Karn last month...first one i really liked him, he gave me two options to think about...i went home and thought about what he said and was still rather confused.. so i booked a second appointment, that one didn't go as well, he treid to explain things in such detail that i didn't understand and when i kept asking questions he told me he was "getting tiered of this"!...i didn't go back. I also went to transform in Maidstone and saw Dr Lutz...didn't like her at all was only in there 15 mins... i then went to Harley medical group in maidstone saw Mr Marcilino who changed he opinion from the fisrt app to the second. Did a lot of research and found the Mcindoe surgigal centre in East Grinstead, i had a consultation with -Miss Hazrari- ( she also holds NHS posts and is on all the right medical-surgical registers) two wks ago, she was really lovely she gave me some options to go home and think about i made a second app this week and i have booked my op for next Thurs 7th Oct! Iam paying £4995 for a capsulotomy and replacement of implants using Allegan softouch 410's anatomical, they give you 12 months after care with any revision surgery you might need. iam very happy and confident and i would definatly recomend her. Hope this helps, i know what its like to go from one place to another, i would only say you will know when you have found the right ps...you kinnda jel, which makes you feel so much more confident. Good luck, let me know what you decide...Jilly


mr khan at reshape wow i LOVE HIM he is a very lovely man and he really knows his stuff he done my ba 6weeks ago and i love my new boobies he has done a great job he is FAB!!! u can look at my pics if u like hun just pm me if u do go wiv him u r in safe hands xxx


Dr khan

by: mel28642

Hi are u stil happy with your breast aug? I am due to see Dr Khan next Tuesday and am really worried! X


Mr umar khan

I just read a couple of replies about him and the girls saying they felt a bit rushed and that it didn't feel like he was listening. Well, I know what they mean but that is beacuse he is such a skilled surgeon that he knows exactly what you want as soon as you say, and our hour long explanations are fairly unnecessary! He said to me that basically I was worrying about all the wrong things (all the diff terms I'd heard on here), and squibbling over 30cc!
My consultation was 45mins but actually had an hour and then another half hour withmy patient coordinator afterwards and she got mr khan back in to go over more things with me. That is such a long time compared to most. Some girls've had 10 mins and lots have seen nurses and not ps'. In fact I've heard from some girls that didn't meet their ps till the day!
I saw him and him only on wednesday last week. I had my ba done yesterday and he has done exactly what I asked. The man knows his stuff!
What look are you wanting and what sort of increase?


Dr khan

by: mel28642

Hi are you still happy with your ba results with Dr Khan? I am going for consultation next week and not sure what to expect! Xx



I had my BA with Mr Khan in May amd think he's fantastic. Was recommend by a friend who had him a few years ago and is also pleased (and has great boobies!!). I had Allergan Natrelle implants 405cc amd went from a pointy, empty A/B to around a DD, although i hve just bought a Caprice Bra in an F and it fits perfectly! I'd say i look about a D though and very natural, to the point where nobody has asked and some people have been quite surpriaed theyre fake as i havm got that obvious line at the top unless i hoik them right up! I was planning on having halfunder half over the muscle but when i woke after surgery he had given me overs because i apparently my muscle is quite deep (despite not having much breast tissue before i thought) and he didnt think i would be happy with the look partials would end up giving me - I totally trust his judgment and think he made the right call! I was worriedovers would look too obvious but they don't, i am really happy with them. Had my surgery at the Welbeck Hospital in London which is clean, tidy, has friendly staff etc, pretty basic compared to some of the spa-like ones you see advertised but i was in and out quickly and got great care. My recovery couldnt have been easier - really straightforward and pain free, a bit of achiness but no worse than i've had from overdoing it at the gym. I've only been back for one followup and this has jist remonded me to book to see him as i'm comingup to six months soon, but have no probs at all, my scarsare very neat and healing well too! Would totally recommend him and tbe team at reshape!


Dr khan

by: mel28642

Hi are you still happy with your ba results with Dr Khan. Was this the west malling clinic- reshape? As I know there are a few Dr khans around? I am going for consultation next week and not sure what to expect! Any feedback would be great. Thank you x


Dr umar khan reshape

Dr Umar Khan of the Reshape Clinic in West Malling is Superb. I had my BA done nearly 6 years ago and the level of service and care I received were fantastic at the time and the implants used are very high quality. I have been told so by a number of surgeons I know.

Dr Khan also is a fantastic surgeon. I researched the whole thing thoroughly and this was by far the best option. I would reccomend him to anyone. I recently went back to see him, as I had an accident and thought I had damaged an implant - let me tell you - Dr Khan went out of his way to help me and check everything was ok. After going back three times, this was no trouble to him and he didn't charge me. This level of service is rare in the private health/cosmetic environment.

Please do not confuse Dr Umar Khan of Reshape with another Dr Khan, who I think is from Transform. I believe they are different people!

Hope this helps you.


Mr khan

Hi I had BA with Mr Khan through his Belvedere clinic in Aug.

Search my user name to see my various posts,

Very happy with my results



Mr allen rezai - cosmetic surgery specialists

Hi Pinkpixi,
I know how confusing it must be for you, It took me weeks of research to finally choose my surgeon.
I'm having ba with mr rezai in november. I booked through his private practice and I got £750 discount, I paid £3850 and I'm having the allergan inspira (mcghan) implants.

He is very good and honest, listens to you and explains everything in detail, my consultation lasted about 45 minutes. he told me that I could see him as many times that I neded before and after my surgery.

Not long to go

Sarah x


Not me personally

i know a few ladies on ere ave had barbara and been happy, neva actually heard of reshape, although im "up north" lol, so may not ave any clinics up here ?? good luck wi who u choose



by: pinkpixi

thank you i hope i choose well n things are clearer after my consultations


Dr khan@ transform

by: mscoffeecutie

I had a consultation with Dr Khan at Transform a two weeks ago - I didnt like him very much - I felt the consultation was rushed and he was dismissive of my questions. It would be interesting to hear how your consultation went with him.


Hey hun

by: jojo160785

mr khan at reshape and mr khan at transform aint the same person x


Difficult to tell with dr khan

by: katyxo

Hello I know exactly what you mean, I find him difficult to communicate with, and he is quite rushed and you're not really sure that he is listening. I went on and saw two other surgeons and they were a lot more willing to listen and answer questions and generally more pleasant however I was also paying £60/70 for half an hour of their time so I am sure that has something to do with it. I have still decided to go for Dr Khan as he is clearly very experienced and there are so many girls on here who are happy with the results. I recommend that you go elsewhere and see for yourself. The other surgeons had lovely spa like offices and it was much more personal, but they are also charging £800-1500 more for the same op, whilst its not really about the money for me I am lucky to be in the position to afford any of them, but seeing as everyone rates him so highly I decided I could cope with his attitude and enjoy spending the extra money on new underwear!!!

To help me decide I went back for a second chat with Dr Khan and he did take my questions seriously. But he also repeately said there are no guarantees and everything is subjective in terms of whether you will be happy with the result which is him covering himself I guess and possibly code for I'll do what I think is best! I think the reality is that when there is no charge to see him, he must see a lot of girls who don't go ahead, plus imagine answering the same boob questions 1000's of times!

who knows! the whole thing seems like such a gamble some days!!!

Good luck with your search for a surgeon- ask me again after 15th Dec!

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