Hi 750cc/800cc also wot size wud u say this picture was


hi does any one have any pics of 750cc/800cc unders?? also wot size do u think heidi montag has had http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1258257/Heidi-Montag-film-role--star-J ennifer-Aniston-say.html

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I think she has the most perfect boobs ever! So jealous!
heard so many people say she looks terrible - she doesn't just different!



by: sprinkledust

ooo i thought she was bigger than that they look huge on the dailymail website today lol. i wonder if she had unders or overs


Oh my word

by: amanda2710xx

Oh my word, didnt realised she had them so big, has she gone bigger then, has she had two ops, think she went to a C cup b4

Have to say i am a massive Hills Fan, love it so much, just y wer on the subject girls what size has Audrine had xxxxxxxxx



by: sprinkledust

hi yeah her first surgey was a nose and boob job . then in novemeber she had 10 op in one day including chin reduction, boob job, another nose job , lipo on neck bum tum and legs , fillers on lips and cheeks , eye brow lift and summin else lol



by: sprinkledust

the ones of her in a pink and zebra bikini r pics of her old boobs. they were already on google long before her 2nd boob job. cuz it the red bikini with the spotted top they really are much bigger. u can tell too by the face cuz her face is slightly different down to tjhe previous pics. like some one said earlier i wonder wot size audrina is i love her !!! but shes soooooo thin so they probs look bigger

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