How much will they shrink when swelling goes down?


Ive already posted one message today about my BA and now im thinking of something else which is concerning me. Anyway I had my op 4 days ago. When I spoke to my surgeon at the consultation I told him I wanted to be a D cup as I was currently a B cup. He took loads of measurements and recommended I have 290 in each under the muscle. I went with his recommendation and bought myself a D cup sports bra for my op which he had said to buy. Basically my question is, although my boobs now fill the D cup bra completely, how much are my boobs going to shrink after the swelling goes down? I really want to keep my D cups and i'm worried they will get smaller once they have recovered. Please tell me they wont go down a whole cup size to C!!

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Mine were squashed flat

Well, at the time they looked huge but then looking back at the photos after a couple of weeks they looked squashed.

Anyway, mine didn't really shrink when the swelling went down, they just changed shape, i did go up a bra size in the space of a week, from a D to a DD, and they still have to fluff yet as i'm only 8 weeks post op, so they could actually get bigger.

They don't look like what u would imagine a DD to look like.

Have a look on picturetrail if you want.


Had 325cc VHP unders, was very flat 32b size 6, 7 stone

Michelle xx



Because you had unders, you will probably get bigger rather than smaller, dont worry x



by: nattynora

I was just thinking of this last night and wondering whether they get smaller after they've settled and the swelling goes down.

I'm a 32B and my surgeon has recommended 350 or 375 to take me to a D. I tried both on with a D cup sports bra and they both fit very snugly. However, I'm concerned that I might actually end up being alot bigger - like and E or an F with that size and then people are saying that you get bigger once they settle as well. I'm having partial unders.

Obviously I would like them to be big otherwise I wouldnt be going for a big D cup but I dont want them to be too big and look silly!




by: luvspups

i was a 32b had 350 unders as dont have much breast tissue im wearing a 32DD bra at the moment but i am still a little swollen hopefully wont go down to much as am happy with this size although once the "fluffing" kicks in i am hoping i will go to a full 32DD
You have to remember that fake boobs dont look as big as real so when people say they are an f it usually just looks like an e mine dont look a DD at all if i was you i would go for the bigger 375s and i didnt no this untill my surgeon told me but you lose 15% of the implant size having unders anyway.
Feel free to ask anymore questions
lydia x x x

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