How often should i take the arnica tablets?


Just wanted to know how often I should be taking the arnica tablets? x



i took them 3-4 days before (think it 4 times daily) then 3 days after the surgery. (wait 24 hours til after tho) xxx


Hi hun

I was told to take arnica 14 days before and 14 days after my op hunny.


by: linz34

Thanks girls. My ba is in a week so I was going to start taking them today, just wasn't sure how many times a day. x


Not heard of this

by: kate198521

shall i buy some? where from? what do they do?
thanks girls x


Hi kate

by: linz34

I was told to take them as they help with swelling and bruising. You can get them from holland and barrett, they cost about £5. Hope that helps. x


4 times

by: mum2daisy

hi the ones i have say to take them every 2 hours the 1st day for 6 doses then 4 times every day after that for 1 week.
they are ment for swelling brusing and help muscles to relax i think. xx


by: raspberryboo

Just remember not to touch them as the sugar pill is just the carrier and the anica is the coating. If you touch it, the arnica comes off on your hand. Simply pop the pill onto a tea spoon or into the cap and then drop it under your tongue.
And remember not to eat or drink for 15 minutes before or after you take your pill. Which is a right pain in the butt when you're taking your first 6 doses!!

Happy Healing. xx


Hypericum and calendular

by: raspberryboo

Are others you can take. Calendular helps you heal quickly and hypericum helps nerve damage. I took this when I had neuralgia in my face and within hours the pain had gone! xx


by: linz34

Thanks hun! Glad you told me that! I had no idea. x

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