Inplant serial number ?? .............. i didnt get one ??


Am i just being paranoid or am i the only person who didnt get an allergan cui book with my inplant serial numbers in ?
I am now 4 weeks post op , and to be honest i did notice at the time that i hadnt been given any info on the inplants i had put in , but thought it must be MYA that didnt do that .
Have just had an e mail off a frined saying that i should have got an allergan cui book with my inplant serial numbers in .
Do i need to worry about this ? are they trying to hide something ?
help !!!!


Dont stress

H hun, dont stress Im 8 weeks op and havnt got mine either, bt i did ring my PA and she advised that its up to the hospital to send it to them once they process it... goodness knows how long that can take. Ring ur company and ask them.
hope this helps?


I know but .......

by: sammyone1

the girl in the room next to me got hers , and she went through MYA too, and same surgeon . so whats that about ?
Trust me not to get one
sam x


Hi ,

by: sammyone1

I didnt get anything at all like that . I think there is something strange . I remember when i came round , i heard the nurses saying there was a mix up with the order of patients . I was supposed to go down 3rd , but went down 2nd .
And i was over 2 hrs in theatre
i am worried now xx


by: sammyone1

yes the surgeon did come to see me the next morning .
I have just txt the girl who was in the bed next to me and she said she got hr book , so i dont get it . ?
I am what i thought i would be , or at least i think so . I have had time to get used to them now .
I will ring park hill tomorro and ask them . thanks for replying .



hi i wouls ask for one im not sure if you need it, it may be if anything goes wrong with your implants they get the numbers of the serial code and they know what ones you had. dont quote me on this though.xxx

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