Inspira soft touch or inspira responsive implants


DOES anyone know if these implants are COHESIVE

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by: thessaloniki2

I also have the ALLERGAN Inspira SOFT TOUCH implants. If you go to the My Breast website, it tells you all about these implants & there is even a demonstration video to watch to show you how the implant acts when it is cut with a scalpel.

http://www.mybreast.org/myimplants/breast-implant--options (just copy & paste this into your browser)

Jan x.


Thanks jan, found a little bit of info on mybreast

by: xxamberxx

hi jan

i may have found the answer im looking for, on the mybreast website like you advised

i knew the allergan inspira soft touch are the rolls royce of all implant brand, but wasnt too sure of the RESPONSIVE ones.

it seems they are both the same but Responsive is firmer and more rigid.

thanks honey.

ps does your breasts feel soft and natural with the soft touch, did you get overs or unders?



Hi again amber

by: thessaloniki2

Glad you found the info you were looking for

I had partial unders ... as for the feel of them,(7 weeks post op) & they are nice and soft now , well for an implant anyway.

If I am completely honest, I'm sure they are firmer than a natural breast, but I suppose they are never going to be quite as soft as a natural breast.

Jan x.

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