Michelle keegan............


Hi ladies, not been on here for a while, but after having a look at some photos of celebs and their boobs, I would just like to say that I LOVE Michelle Keegans boobs!

I wonder what size she is???

Well anyway, just thought I'd like to share that with you as I am definitely boobie obsessed and will be taking in a picture of hers if I ever have another BA! (Fingers crossed I will)

And x

Our partners

Agree x

Think their defo BA! Think she looks fab tho Ahh well we all strive for perfection! I might achieve it one day One day!!!!


Has she had one though coz she always denies it... they are big for her frame!!


She admits having a boob job so they are def fake. I think she's had about 500. I had 525cc and mine looked the same size as hers. X


I agree also, but I guess many celebs think we are naive and believe they are just blessed with a perfect body, which some are......, but I do believe many arent........, but wana come across as perfection xx


I agree with bchj, i def think hers r fake...

by: jenna363

Just because she was tiny on corrie not so long back and just latelry she seems to have grown in the booby dept...



by: jenna363

yea i did take a look at her bikini pics......they are nice natual boobs but i think they are too big to be her own....shes got a good bod on her tho - wish i was that fit lol

i think shes a good e cup i reckon.....



by: maxine175

She has had a BA. They are teardrops and I think they must be at least 500cc.! What do you think?

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