My boob story!


Hi, well i had my implants yesterday and this is my story.

Arrived at transform in manchester yesterday at 9.30am (was meant to check in at 12 but they brought it forward) waited 10 mins in the reception before being taken upstairs by the ward clerk, she took me and my hubby into a small area of 4 cubicles, and given some paper pants a fasten at the back thing and a gown, the surgeon Mr mounir came went through the procedure with me and took some photos then i signed the consent form, then the anesthesia guy came and asked me some questions and told me his part in it all.

I was then shown to my room, quite nice, with a single bed wardrobe tv telephone and ensuite and told to wait there as i was next on the list...me and hubby chatted for a while and i was so surprised how calm i felt, hardly nervous at all!!!

At 11.15 a nice lady came and took me up to theatre, we waited outside for 10 min as they werent quite ready, then i was lead in and told to take off the dressing gown and lay on the bed....they put the canular in and asked me how i felt, it felt sharp running up my arm and i said i feel drowsy....next thing i hear is a guy calling my name and i was in recovery.

They wheeled me down to my room and helped me into my sports bra and pjamas, and gave me some water, then my hubby appeared and gave me a hug, making me cry!!

I felt awake quickly and had a sarnie and soup, i spent the next few hours in bed watching tv and chatting to hubby, i didnt feel bad just tired and glad it was over, he left to go home at 6.30 (hours drive) and i phoned and text family and friends to tell them i was out and ok.

I had my tea some painkillers and watched more tv before going to sleep about 11. i woke up a few times to go to the loo and felt quite sore and achy.

Woke for the day at 7.30 the nurse came in and checked me over followed later by the surgeon who took off the bra and let me see them, they are swollen but look great!!

Came home at 10.

Feel ok but tired and sore and feel like my boobs belong to some one else!!!


hey great story! x



Thanks for your post - I'm with the same clinic and surgeon 2wks today! Great to know you had a good experience there. Happy healing Hun! Xxxx


Beautiful story

Thanks for posting the story, me in 15 days (gulp) x hope you are recovering well x



Glad all went well congrats on the new boobies!! xxx


Well done!

Congrats chick, so pleased for you. Happy healing xxx



Congrats hunni!!! Happy healing!!!


yeah you BOOBIES
get plenty of rest and happy healing



Lovely story ...... happy healing & enjoy ur new boobies!!

Take care

Mandy x



Hey congrats on your new assets! Im in manch transform on 8th aug...just wondering how u found the staff and the atmosphere etc...xx



by: tillysmummi

Hi Kels, the hospoital is great, really clean and the staff are lovely, very friendly, kind and caring i was really happy with my care. I would recommend it to anyone im 100% satisfied with my experience. Good luck for your op its well worth it and i only had them done yesterday!!!


by: kels85

..thank u, i cant wait!! Keep us posted on how ur healing xx


Great we kept intouch during our same ba days!! helped me alot
Happy healing Xx



by: tillysmummi

Sunshine it was great for me too, to have you to text throughout, will keep in touch and meet up when were healed x


by: sunshine9913

Defo.. meet for a coffee at White Rose in a couple of weeks
Hope yr feeling ok, x


Ah thanks for sharing your story, its my turn on the 14th September xxx

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