** new pics! 8 weeks post op with double bubble...new pics up now!**


Pw has changed due to the idiot who was on here a few weeks back.....if any of you can remember my surgeon, then its his surname... if not PM me!

Would love your opinions. I think my right boob is bigger than the left but cant be sure if I think that because of the Double Bubble or if its actually true....not sure if i need different size implants in each boob?


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I had a re op two months ago due to double bubble if you need to talk pm me...



managed to get in for a look, i cant see a difference in size but you could always mention it..... they are a nice size, are you gonna go bigger next time?



Hi Do you mind if I take apeep? Also I am going to upload my piccys after my op on the 8th Sept and am worried now that their are weirdos on here...I haven't uploaded any yet so not aware of setting passwords etc..any tips would be useful Thanks Lucie x


Hiya! Can i hav a peek at ur pics please??... Having ba on friday!! Over excited



Thanks for letting me have a look. So how does this double bubble happen then? At least ur getting it sorted and without that DB ur boobies will look amazing!

Linz x


can see what you mean missy.....it is a little bigger but if you hadnt of pointed it out i would never have noticed. Its a slight difference which we all have i think. My left is a little bigger then my right but my surgeon said the tiny bit of difference wasnt enough at all to warrent different size implants. You only notice it so much coz you own them and look at them every day lol. They look very soft tho chick - given me some confidence that mine will soften eventually!!!!!!!

How exciting though - op number two - woo hoo



by: kinkyboots33

why does it say "waiting to be validated" when i try click on 8 wks???



by: missimplants2010

means it has to be validated by this website...should be up in a few ours then xx



by: vickyfurtado

could i have a look please i have same problm


by: lozzie010506

you can still see em...scroll over her pic on this thread and then press view photos....list of albums will come up click on her 8 weeks on and you can put the password in xxx


by: kinkyboots33



hi... im pretty new, dont think we have met?
would love a peek if thats ok?
also, will you have to pay for your re-op?


could i have a look please x

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