Nipples still pointing down?!


Hi all, just wondered what other peoples nipples were like after their ba's? - Mine were not pointing down before my op(started a small 34B), but 4 weeks on from my ba my nipples are definitely not central, they're kind of on the lower side of my boobs, pointing/facing down!! Is this normal and will the implant drop some more at the bottom, making my nipples point up a bit more?.....or do you think cos i'm 4 weeks post-op now that they'll stay this way?

Thanks in advance for any replies
Natalie x x

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Im 7 weeks post op now.I had a nipple lift and mine are still very low down!!! In my case i think its coz the implants havent dropped and my boobs are still quite firm (my surgeon has told me to massage them to encourage them to drop). Im assuming when the implant drops down a bit it will move the nipples up if that makes sense?


One week

I am one week post op. Mine are pointing almost downwards, i'd like to know when or if they will move too!



by: nataliek1982

I'm glad i'm not the only one, hopefully someone will be able to let us know whether it's normal or not!!

Natalie x x

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