Pip implants recall what to do !!!!


Hi this is not to scare anyone but to help and let you know what i have found out so far
My story was first on here last yr

http://forum.sofeminine.co.uk/forum/f52/__f21607_f52-Pip-implants-yes- they-rupture-and-in-the-first- few-years.html

I had pip implants at Transform and they have ruptured and have migrated to my armpit so i think i do have the recall implants as this was not meant to be able to happen if I had the correct gel that PIP where authorised to use. I'm in discussion still to have them removed and so far have been given a reduced fee , but due to the recent report out on recall of PIP implants

link to report


Contact your surgeon to know what to do they should take your details and check if you have the ones that are recalled this can take 5 days.

if anyone wants to contact me please do either through this thread or
email pureserenity@live.co.uk



Hi , I too have had PIP implants in 2005 and both of mine have ruptured and the silicone has attatched to the glands under both my arms.I am due to go into the countess of chester hospital on the 23rd of this month and have them removed. I had them done in cosmedical surgery on Rodney Street in liverpool. When i first contacted cosmedical surgery they said i had just gone past my three year guarentee, but the surgeon on the NHS asked me to call them back for information before he does my surgery and thats when they told me i had PIP implants and they where undergoing research about them.
Have you had anymore information since you posted this message ?
Look forward to hearing from you .. Elly .


Pip implants

hi iv had my implant goin on 4 yrs i had them done at the harley medical group ,soon after havin them done my right 1 went hard and my left breast inflate when i go on a plane my consultant said my right 1 was due 2 scar tissue and they said thev never heard of any1s implants inflatin on a plane and i have nothin 2 worry about ,i thought i researched my implants but now i know i didnt do a very good job of it i go next week 2 see what can be done ,i wish i could go back 4yrs i would not of had them done



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