13 sleeps! can't get rid of these butterflies


startin to get proper nervous now and havin second thoughts,but i know i really want this so bad lol,any1 else 9th oct xx


fanx girls , 2day iv been nothin but excited iv gon over all the pics the girls on ere hav let me c an the difference in b4's n afters-amazin! itl just b a relief to hav boobs in the right place lol xx


I was same

but i tried to 'box the nerves out of the way' until the actual day before - no point in getting nervous when nothing is actually happening YET - cos lets face it right up until the actual day of the op you can always back out!
it worked for me most of the time - just keep saying to yourself nothing to worry about yet, i'll leave that til it;s actually happening! haha a lot easier said than done i know !
but really though, the op day is easy peasy! u are chatting to the anaesthetist and next thing you know you're awake with new boobs!!!! wey hey - i wish i'd done it 5 years ago!
xxx good luck


Nervous is natural

Hiya, jus thought I wud say I was like u and even on my way into theatre I was thinkin same... But!! Here I am day after and can't stop lookin at my new assets!
Honestly it's not as bad as u think and if it like me which it has been 16yrs waitin lol well worth it!!! Good luck xx


Feel exactly the same way Jackie, in fact im sick of changing my mind, one minute im so happy and excited and next minute im terrified and almost ringing to cancel.
but ive chickened out 3times before lol! im determined not to again, but keep getting so so close.
i kno i need this but the thought of it is killing me!
We all feel like this tho its very natural!
Im 18th Oct by the way, so you'll be 9days post op! Not long for u now!



Hey again,

I had 340 overs on Friday
Had a wonderful surgeon Dr Vijh,
Im sure like all of us you have done plenty of homework, and these forums are fantastic for advise and support
Try to relax as much as you can, and look forwards to those boobs you have been waiting for.
Im 42 and had hated my sorry 34 saggy b cups for so many years as they had no shape what so ever.
When i whip my sports bra off now for a breather im like "hello puppies"
They are like rocks at present but this was to be expected and to be honest the only really frustrating thing is sleeping elevated on my back and i now have a bruised bum! god knows how this happened, but i cannot wait to get back on my side.




Hi jackie.

I was so nervous before my op but it was the best thing ive done. The GA was easy and as soon as i was closing my eyes i was being woken up to say it was all over. It was not as painful as i thought either! Its completely normal to be nervous but you will be fine. Xx


Pre op nerves

Hello Jackie,

Oh you poor thing.
Well im 3 days post op and i was petrified before hand even though it was something i really wanted.
Do tell me more?
Who is your surgeon and are you happy with your choice?
Are you having your implants above or under the muscle?
Are you nerves general, or do they relate to a particular worry?

Jill x


Thanks girls

by: jackieblue1878

nah just nerves in general i get them when i go to the clinic lol..im goin abbey pines in manchester,im havin 335 overs and uplift with persico,im a saggy 34 e now but only look a c-4 kids for ye lol im only 31 but they look ancient on me haha,what did u hav xx



by: manners84

I'm exactly the same my op is booked on the 5th October. One minute I'm excited the next I'm scared. I think I'm driving my bf insane with my constate talk about it. Xx.

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