Swimming and sunbeds......


hi girlies, just wondered how long after BA can you go swimming? im 13 days post op and really wanna go bk swimming, any ideas on how much longer i have to wait? also sunbeds, how lomg after can i use them?

hope everyone ok - mine have finally dropped and come together! they are perfect and cant wait to show em off lol!

gd luck to everyone in the may club

feel free to ask any questions, il do best to help xxx

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Hey sweet, not sure about swimming but if you go on a sunbed i'd definately cover your scars with plasters. I was told you should not sunbathe for 12 months, but that would only be because of the healing of the scars, id' say the same with fake tan!! x



hey i dont no about swimming but i had a sunbed 9 days after my op just make sure you keep yours scars covered other wise the uv will make them go dark x

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