Think i can feel my implant...


I posted something earlier today asking if anyone could feel their implant moving when they raised their arms, picked anything up etc. I only seem to be able to feel the right one moving and wondered if this was because the implant hasn't dropped properly yet? I've posted before about having quite bad pains going through my right nipple, whereas I didn't get them in my left - is my right side just a bit slower at settling than my left then?

Just been having a poke and a prod and I think I can feel the bottom of my implant under my left boob near my scar, but I can't feel it on the right hand side. Has anyone else had this? My right boob seems perkier than the left, whereas the left is dropping a bit and starting to look more natural. Am worried incase this isn't normal!!


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Did you have smooth or textured implants?.the bubbling is the implant settling into the pocket/dropping.


Hi ya

by: daz728

I had textured i think?? so should i still feel that now then as im nearly 7 weeks post op, surely they have dropped by now as i had overs, i dont want them dropping anymore as they will start looking saggy
Thanks Nicole xx


Its normal

Hi Kelly, i had the same thing when i was around 3-4 weeks post op, whenever i touched my scar i could feel it moving and felt like a bit bubbly feeling if that makes sense, anyway when i went for my check up at week 5 i was told this was normal and all part of the settling process, i must admit somedays i can still feel it but not as much now, and i will be 7 weeks on Thursday, hope this helps put your mind at ease a bit.

Nicole xx


Yeh mine do the same

by: ministomper


Im 6 days post op and when i lift my right arm i feel the implant like vibrate and move, not the left though. My right is also bigger and harder.
I can also feel the implant round the side it feels like a bag under the skin.
I had unders 350 cc.




by: kelly1977

Thanks everyone, that makes me feel so much better. I'm not sure if I had smooth or textured so I might email my PS about that. Glad to hear it's normal though to feel it. It's funny cos when I raise my right arm I can feel the implant move inside but when I touch it from the outside I can't feel it moving?!?!
On a gross note, I noticed yesterday that my scabs have started to come off! I'm really pleased as I seemed to have a massive scab right over the scar and I was starting to worry about how thick my scar would be. Turns out that under the scabs the scar is teeny tiny!


Implant type

by: lindee2

When I had my BA, I was given a sheet with the implant serial nos and make. Never mind being identified by dental records. I've had a retina scan and now serial nos on my boobs!

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