Travelling from brussels to genk


Hi Guys,

Booked my ba at the Wellness Kliniek on 11th June. Flying from Exeter to Brussels, which is all booked, but can't find any info on how to get from Brussels to Genk.

Anyone already done this journey? Also, anyone got any feedback on the Wellness Kliniek?


Steph xx

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Am going to same clinic in Dec for BA, can you tell me how good are the results and did you have silicon or salt water, over or under the muscle. I am so scared! Was it easy getting to Genk from the airport. Looking forward to yoru reply many thanks. Were there any hidden costs?


Travelling from brussels to genk

Hi there, I got my BA on 18th June at wellness. Ive pre booked a taxi to pick me up from brussels airport into genk, its 65 euros, which think is about £50. Quite pricey but convienint. Alternativly, there is a train on the lower level of the airport that takes you straight to Genk and is only about 11 euros I think. Have look on Brussels airport site, under the parking and transport like I think and its there some where.

Hope that helps



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by: stphbrk

Have looked into trains from Brussels Airport to Genk on their Website but it says something about validating your pre-existing train card. No option for new traincard.

Anyone done this journey themselves? Hoping it will be quite easy to just jump on a train at the Airport.




by: cazcarmen

Hi again; I take it you dont fancy the taxi option lol. My friend came back from Wellness a month ago and she took the train from Brussels airport to Genk, you dont need a train card, you just get on and go. Not sure if you pay on train or in the station though. But its just on the lower level of the airport, really handy. What size you going for, have you decided yet and what hotel have you booked into?

Thanks Carmen x

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