What pre op tests do they do, blood?........


Would want to make sure I was fit and healthy to proceed with surgery. Did anyone see their own doctor before having the surgery? Speak to you soon

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i had swabs and blood taken a week before my ba and also went to my doctor before op to ask his opinion on a surgeon he would recommend really glad i did this as the surgeon i had was fantastic i felt at ease straigtht away and i knew i wanted him to do the op hope this helps xxx



Hi I went with transform at highgate and just had blood pressure done on the day, strange how everyone is different!

Jackie x



By the sounds of it it depends on who you go with! I had a blood test on the consultation before the op and they called me to say I was verging on anemia so i should take some Ferrograd C tablets (think I spelt that right, could only find them on the internet). I wasn't tested anymore than that and they only took my blood pressure on the day if i remember rightly. Who are you going with? Maybe someone has had them too and will have a better idea?



I just had blood taken at the clinic on the morning of my surgery.

I didn't visit my doctor at all .... I'm 3 months post op now & I've still not seen my own GP ... no real reason to see him .... but I do know, my surgeon wrote to my GP to tell him I was having a BA ... because he asked me first if it was ok to do so.

Jan x.



I had to go back to my clinic 5 days before my op to have my bloods taken and for swabs, they swab up my nose and under my armpit which was'nt that very nice, from what i can remember it was for MRSA...I think every place is different, but i thought that every one had to have it done..



I had no tests whatsoever!
Not even on the day!
My pre-op appointment just ran through what he was going to do, and how he was going to make them even etc, and to confirm the implant size.
Even at the hospital on the day i didnt have any urine or blood tests.

god, that is a bit odd isnt it...?!


Pre ops

im having full blood count,sugar,urine chest xray and breast ultrasound (im having the breast ultra sound coz theres a history of breast cancer in my family).
im planning on going to see my own doctor before i go for my op but thats down to me you dont have to.xx



Hi i didn't have a pre-opp appointment! I think i had bloods taken the day i went into hospital. I have never said to my doctor that i had a ba. I think it must be on my notes, as i had my dressings changed at the doctors, The nurse changed them there for me. Anna



by: stanyer21

was just curious as to who all you girls went through just i went with mya and i had no tests done at all,

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