Will if be ok to go in sauna/steam room/swimming pool?


I am 18 days post ba and uplift. Stitches are out and everything seems to be healing fine. I am going to a Health Spa later with the girls and am worried now that I shouldnt perhaps be using the sauna/steam room, pool etc? Cant wait to show off my new boobies in my new bikini (size 34DD!) Do you think there is any risk still of infection?
Helen x

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Of course!


I'd really reccommend you NOT to do any of that; I'm approaching 5 weeks post op and my wounds have only just stopped weeping and totally closed. I was told specifically not to go swimming for 6 weeks, and things like hot tub 2 months, because they harbour a lot of bacteria. I think the same goes for steam room, perhaps sauna would be okay but to be honest do you really want to risk it?? 18 days isn't long enough for your body to seal it's defences after deep internal surgery! Take care of yourself,

Hannah xx


Thanks hannah

by: helsbells2

Thanks for the advice. I think I will just stick to a pedicure and facial then!
Hope your healing gets better. Perhaps I am lucky that mine arent leaking and are healing so well.

Has anyone else experienced weeping wounds for 5 weeks?
Helen xx

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