Will the implants move out of position is you sleep on your side after your op :? 1 feels weird


I can't help it, but I have been sleeping on my sides. Soo my more comfortable. I only had my op last wed on the 28th.

It squishes my implants a bit.

Now I feel paranoid that one of them has moved out of place.

What are the reasons why they say sleep on your back??

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hi i am now 11 months post op and before my op i slept on my stomach, never again, im still struggling to find a comfortable position, on my side aint bad, but i do miss sleeping on my stomach,i have tried but it squashes them.. and a tipfor you girls, sleep in your sports bras, i still do, they move about without it..x



my sugeon told me it was fine to sleep on my sides even the day i had surgery aslong as my arms not tucked under it so ive been sleeping on my sides the whole time. And lately Ive been sleeping more on my stomach too or half on my stomach which really squishes them.



dont want to scare u but i heared implant can filp ,it mingt b nothing but sum1 said this can happen from sleepin on ur side xxx



by: b2010

even if they are rounds??

slept on my side again last night, gotta stop!


by: beckyoc

Yeh i was told to sleep upright to stop the implant moving and to let them settle into the pocket, shoulders above the heart for the first week, my surgeon and nurse were very insistant on this.




by: soskinny

I was told no sleeping on side or tummy for a while because the implant needs to settle in position and that can take a couple of wks. Also nothing vigorous in case they get shaken out of place.

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