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hi i no loads of peope recommend this and i have just purchased some. i have a very few stretchmarks on my upper thigh (only tiny) but i still wnat them to go. will bio oil work on these do you think and if so how long do i need to use it for before i see a difference

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I have loads of stretchmarks over my hips and bum which auddenly appeared when i was about 11, so now mine are quite silvery.

I think what will work best, depends on what the sm looks like now. If they are still red and agry looking then now is the best time to treat them. Bio oil didn't work for me and i am now using Emu oil and rosehip oil which also comes highly recommended for sm.

Becuase mine are silvery, i have been told that using a derma roller (medical needling) in combi with oils and taking vitamins E and C (both high strength) is the best as the derma roller damages the sm and promotoes the sm to heal as it''s a scar. I bought mine from eBay but it hasn't arived yet so i'm not sure how effective this will be but i'm hopeful!!

Hope this helps you!

D x



by: stanyer21

well to be honest you prob would not realise i had any and when i mention it to friend they thing i am being atupid, but cos i am young and slim i just dont like them, they are just like very pale tiny white lines. thankyou for your help and i will check out these on ebay

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