Derma rollers??? do they work?


Do they work? Has anyone tryed them?

I've just orderd one to try out...wasn't too expencive altho there was one's for about 200 quid

When i was pregnant with my little boy i got them on the side's of my knee's =z and i hateeeee them! ( why did i get them there???/ ) Really want them gone - or just less noticeable...
Do you think this will work???

Any advice helpfull

Kat xxxx

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never been my option. I've only relied upon hypoallergenic scar treatment for scars or stretch marks.



No, they don't. Better try some other inexpensive treatment than derma rollers



maybe. It depends on the stretchmarks and how your skin would respond. But i would recommend dermology than dermarollers.


They sort of work

The trick is to go on a sun bed for 10 minutes about a week after the treatment, the sun helps to re pigment the stretch marks.
Personally, I dont use them in my clinic, although the treatment I use works on the same principal as the dermalroller. I just feel that the dermalroller is not precise enough. The best way to describe it is, think that your skin a dirty carpet. The dermalroller is like having it cleaned with a steamer, what I do is to go after the stains (the stretchmarks)....but you can see how they would both work, its just that needling works better.

Have a look at this article that explains in detail what I do!




Try these easy-to-do remedies at home:
- Add two drops each of rosemary and fennel essential oils to three teaspoons of almond oil and massage into the affected areas.
- Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
- Mix caffeinated coffee dust with any hand cream and apply on the areas for a minute, everyday.

Its cheaper than dremarollers too

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