Results from derma rolling? preferably if you use 1.5mm


I got terrible.. and I mean bad stretch marks from pregnancy. I had my daughter almost 11 months ago. I have tried and used a ton of stuff. I'll quickly list them and a short rating, skip if you're not interested.

Vitamin E oil = Hated it, maybe it was just the kind I had, sticky, didnt absorb
Bio oil = absorbed really well, faded the color really nicely
Palmers cocoa butter = made my skin really soft, faded the color a bit
2 treatments of microdermabraision followed by theraputic laser = Smoothed them out a bit, was a noticable different from the 2 treatments, but way to expensive for me.
Emu Oil = absorbs really good, smooth skin, has seem to helped with color and lenght, depth

I am now useing a couple things. Emu oil with a copper peptide solution added to it, and Revitol Stretch Mark Cream. Ive been getting really nice results. The color of my stretch marks is almost exactly the same as the rest of my skin, and the lenght, depth, and texture of my skin has been improving.

Anyways I purchased a 1.5mm dermaroller a while ago. When I first got it I used it every day or every second day for a week. Then I researched it abit more and read a ton of ppl warning against using it so often, they were suggesting only using it once a month. I read overused can damage the skin even worse. After reading that I waited 2 weeks til I rolled again, and I havent again since..prob another 2 weeks. I always apply my emu oil, copper peptides solution right after rolling.

How often do you roll? How good have your results been? Any suggestions to improve my results?

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Hey hun i've just done a post on the same thing.....other than i got them near my knee's Anyway on the site i orderd mine off it said do it for 5 day's then stop at the weekend.

Have you noticed a improvement?


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