Sushi restaurants in lincolnshire


Does anyone know of any decent sushi restaurant in northern Lincolnshire? I tried it for the first time when I was visiting a friend down south and loved it. Any recommendations for places to go?

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Sushi in lincolnshire

i know this question is old but theres a new sushi resturant in bawtry www.thejinjatree.co.uk been a few times very good



by: shaz024

Thanks for that info! Shaz x


Yo sushi

I was watchin discovery lifestyle few days back and found that Yo Sushi has their branch in Licolnshire also but dont remember the plaec exactly...try it...also try looking for the information on the websites like http://www.just-eat.co.uk might get some good places in your locality


No idea

Hi Shaz
I've only ever seen sushi restaurants in the south too - mainly in London stations and one in Bristol! Whoever opens the first one round our way will make a mint!

Have a good weekend
Sarah xx

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