Cambridge diet and exercise



I am 5ft 7" and 14st and am starting the cambridge diet tomorrow.....very very excited and scared!! However, although I have heard that you shouldn't do to much exercise, I would like to excercise for about 1hr 4 times a week. This would include step classes, boxercise as well as just normal gym sessions. I am exercising at the moment.

Is this okay? My boyfriend is an athlete and says when doing a VLCD you need excercise to help combat muscle wastage...

I am so excited to start but feel excercise is really important so that I can maintain the weight loss and fitness. Help!!!

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Cambridge diet

Hi i just started the CD yesterday. I need a buddy for encouragement. I have been eating alot of sugar free gums, will this affect my result? Also i read somewhere that you shouldn't exercise because you will bulk up, how about aerobics?


Cambridge diet and excercise


I'm on week 3 on cambridge and had exactly the same issues with exercise. my fella is a Pt and has done a weights programme for me. I tried spinning but after about 30 mins i was dizzy. i'm getting weightloss while weight training but more importantly i'm getting good inch loss.

My advisor suggested no gym because it would screw my results up but how the hell can exercise ever be a bad thing. the advisors are only interested on the reults on the scales- i want the inch loss

I'm the same height as you and was 14'2 so would love to know how you are getting on



I like yourself do exercise and wouldn't stop, but they do say you should do moderate exercise for the first few weeks. I also do boxing, aerobics and use weights and actually will be continuing properly from next week. I am just doing cardio at the gym this week just to stay fit really and help with the weight loss. Check with your counsellor and they will advise you. Good luck and keep me posted. D x

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