Cambridge diet - flavours


I've started the Cambridge Diet today and I can't say I'm loving the soups so far although I've only had the broccoli and cheese one. My counsellor said that she only ever has the shakes and now I know why! I'm not sure if I would miss having something savoury in my diet, I have a sweet tooth but tend to crave savoury things when I'm dieting. Would like to know how everyone else finds the flavours and what the favourite/nice ones are. I've also had the chocolate shake which was quite nice blended with ice, would like more like this!

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Walnut and toffee

walnut and toffee is the best!!!!!!!!!
i now only have that and vanilla as i love the taste. im still having naughty bits like a banana and small pancake today but i think it will delay going into ketosis. how you getting on? im in week two now



oo it sounds quite nice! haha!

i only like choc/choc mint/ fruits of the forest (sometimes)

and yep thats about it, but im really fussy, i made my boyf try them all to, he loves the strawberry & vanllia ones!

funny i wont eat the soups..........not sure why!?



I'm new to this diet so have only tried 4 falvours so far.
However, 3 out of the 4 i have liked so thats good.
Had brocoli cheese soup last ngiht and it was awful to be honest.
The starwerry shkae was nice, and had chocolate shale and bannana shake today which i really liked those. Also tried cappacino, which was ok, but not as nice as the other 2 in my opinion!
How are you getting on??



by: kezgetz

im in week 2, and have started myself onto maintanace (400 calorie meal per day) as ill be starting it thursday anywayz!
ive lost aproximately 10lbs and have gone down from about 12 and a half stone to 11 and a half stone
including the bout of sickness and diareah i had in the begining of week 2.
i find that i wont eat the soupos. they are alwayz powdery, and absolutely horrible! the flavours are ok. ]
iat the minute i only wanna eat mint choc!!!
are the bards any good?
i dont realy like any others. and the tertra bricks im hating!


Some are good

the broc and cheese is new and the worst,i dont know anyone that likes that one,,,,the choc shakes infact all the cold ones are good accept the butterscotch and walnut,,,,,the veg,,,mushroom spicy tomato are all good,,,,,my favourite of all has to be the choc mint,,,,,it is fantastic ,,good luck with the diet


Shake & soups

by: ytak10

I have been on the diet a week now and finding it ok actually - I have a shake for breakfast either Banana or Vanilla and soup for lunch and dinner - Chicken and Mushroon and Vegetable I quite like all even thou I am getting a bit bored of these flavors now, I feel better having the Soups as it feels like I am having omething substanial!!

Good luck everyone I have lose 7lbs so far

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