Cambridge plateau!


Hi comrades!

I have been on step 2 for 5 weeks. Overall I've lost 12 lbs, which is great, butthe last 3 weeks I've lost a total of 2 lbs only! I've stuck to it rigidly too! Nothing other than whats on the plan with lots of water etc.

HELP! Why so little weight loss?

Thank-you ladies!

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Are you doing sole-source? Everyone's weight loss will plateau at some stage its natural. The Cambridge products are designed to help your body burn fat but not lose muscle tone, and muscle weighs more than fat, so whilst the lbs might not be coming off the inches still should be, if you are sticking to it & drinking enough water. You posted this a month ago how are you doing now are you still doing it?


Hi again!

by: chicken1984

Sorry just seen you said your on step 2, you could alwayd try SS if the weight isnt coming off wuick enough for you on step 2. But as i say the inches should be coming off even if the lbs are not

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