Lets get slim together


Hey Ladies,

My new fab bloke has offered to take me on holiday in August for 2 weeks, amazing!
However I need to loose at least 3 stone untill I feel comfortable enough to strut my stuff in a bikini!
I need a weightloss buddy, someone to help keep me motivated and share the whole experience with.
If any of u gorgeous girls need to loose the shame kinda weight get in touch with me?

Much Love



Weight loss buddies

Hi, I was wondering if you found a diet buddy? How is the weight loss going, have you had some success? Im starting this week (probably going to try lighter life) so if you would like to share and keep get other motivated feel free. You have a good guy by the way, very generous to taking you on hols.

Take Care.


Hello there, can i join in?

Hi I am 5ft 6inches and currently weigh 12st 12 lb. I would ideally like to get down to 10st but if I could even make it to 11st would be fab How are you getting on with your diet? Have you weighed in yet? I'm going on holiday on 11th June and would like to get as much weight off as possible before then. I hope you get this and we can have a good chat.


Hi confused19

I have been trying to lose for a bit, but have hit a brick wall. I'm doing it with my bf but think it's good to have a fellow lass to bounce ideas off and share support with. I would be up for being a weightloss buddy with you. I don't know how to send you a PM so hope you get this


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