Slimturbovital - did anyone tried that?



I am trying to lose weight for sometime now and I am getting a little bit desparate...have anyone tried slimturbovital slimming treatment? I've heard amazing things about it but I want to find out at the source if it's any good
Any opinions much appreciated.



hi everyone!

Hands up who needs to use Slimturbovital again after the Christmas madness !

This is the content that I copied from the packet.

whey protein concentrate (80%), emulsifier (soya lecithins), vanilla flavouring, thickener (xanthan gum) , sweeteners (acesulfame-K, sodium saccharin, sodium cyclamate), colour (quinoline yellow).
Allergy Advice: contains milk




Nearly finished using mine. Lost nearly 25lbs overall. I am a little disappointed that I didn't manage to lose 30lbs but still happy with the result (better this then nothing!).Anna, you get month supply for that. You should take one sachet a day before your supper. M


what you get?

Can anyone tell me how many sachets you get for the "special Offer" £49 pack? and how long it lasts for? What are the instructions on how many you should take per day please? Thanks



Monica, delighted to hear that it worked for you. My weight loss slow down a little bit now but I am still quite happy that I got it. N


Great results!


So I promised to let you know about results of using Slimturbovital and I have to say I am impressed. Lost 15lbs during the first month and feel great. The best thing is that I am not going around hungry! just eating healthy 3 meals a day


Very good product!

Hi girls,

Yes, I've tried it sometime ago as I was really struggling with my weight...I lost over a stone within the first month and a half. So pretty good so far!!!




Thanks. I decided to take a plunge and order it will let you know about the results soon!


Just got it!

Hi Monica,

I've actually just got this product! Friend of mine recommended it as very effective. I am not sure myself yet, but I will let you know how I get on. The only thing I can say, it's quite tasty



by: tarah51

Absolute BS - it's a protein shake. No secret ingredients, no magic supplements to help you lose weight. You can go to any health food store and buy essentially the same thing for a fraction of the price!! Don't believe anything you see on here - if you want, i'll post pictures of the product as proof, (along with the list of ingredients) as i'm more than happy to de-bunk this scam.


About slimturbovtal

by: valeriea13

Hi you said that its like any protein shake. please could you let me no the one also the list of the ingredients would be very grateful, could you please get back to me many thanks



by: carlybearc1

Hi I am rather sceptical tbh can you please post the ingredients as stated so I can check them against a regular protein shake ingredients please also you said same as ones you get in a health store if indeed the ingredients are the same could you advise us what product your looking at every little helps especially leading up to christmas many thanks




by: julianlittle

are you able to provide pictures and/or ingredients as I do not want to waste money.

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