Any tips to bring on labour?


Hiya im 37 weeks pregnant and desperate for my baby to come soon. Does anyone have any tips as I dont want to go over my due date.

Any suggestions

Christine & Billy bump

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Hey mummies

Just wanna say thanks for all your advice. Fingers crossed it comes soon!


Useful tip

try massaging and squeezing your nipples for about 10 minutes throughout the day this produces the oxytocin hormone that is responsible for starting contractions in labour (the same hormone that is used when labours are induced with when you go over your dates)
I dont know how long you need to do this for but it does work .
Good luck



to bring on labour the midwife advise to eat spicy food have sex and sit yourself on a fitness gym ball n move around on it that will definatly work! xx



I looked up on the internet pressure points on the feet for the uterine area and my cousin gave me a lovely foot massage concentrating on these areas and my waters broke and I went into labour within 4 hours .my son was born then a just under a week before his due date . xxx


I tried everything!!!!

i tried everything with my first baby, lots of sex, spicy food, warm bath with essential oils, fresh pineapple, raspberry leaf tea
and she was still 2 wks overdue!
i think they are ready when their ready and there is not much we can do.
good luck with everything...the fun starts soon....


Known fact

alot of walking & alot of sex ! good luck to you guys and your baby !!

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