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i'm 25 weeks pregnant and havent recieved my bounty pack?

i'm not sure if im even entitled to this as its my second baby, i got all the stuff first time round, but this time nothing, anyone shed any light on this, should i ask my midwife?

i dont want to appear as a gimmie gimmie my freebies, but should i not be entitled to this no matter how many pregnancies i've had??

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Never even heard of this....


I hadn't even heard of this before. However when I was in hospital the lady came round and brought me a pack. She said I needed to fill out all the forms in there and send it off to get the £250 and also any tax credits I'm allowed (which I don't think I can)

There was a free nappy in there, free small pack baby wipes, tiny bottle of dettol surface cleaner, some washing powder & conditioner (sample sizes) sudacreme, baby toothpaste and that was about it from memory?

maybe your hospital will give it to you when you check in?

Jen & 4 day old Roman

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by: tinkerbelle7

jen what was the £250 for? i never recieved this when i hadf my baby boy in 06, although i did get all the other stuff youve all mentioned from my midwife etc



Did you register?

Did you register with bounty online? I think once you register they will post you out your coupon to take to Asda/boots to collect your pack. I also got a goodie bag in the hospital pack at my 23wk anomily scan. Did you not have that scan at 20/23wks and did they not give you anything then, when you got your fundal growth chart for your notes? Mind you there wasnt that much in my goodie pack...Ovletine, a pamper, mini sudo cream, sm pk of wipes, vouchers for pampers....think that was it! The Asda bounty pack you get a couple of different vouchers and £5 George baby voucher.

Good luck! Sharon 32+4wk pink bump x


Hey hun

Just looked up bounty.com
you can claim up to 3 claim cards which i take as 1 claim card is one child but u'd b better asking bryne4 if thats right,
if u go on to the site and click on contact us (bottom of page) and get the email address from there. Hope that helps hun



by: lisamerchant86

a link
to email them

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