Burping a lot?


I am roughly 11 weeks pregnant and for the last four weeks i seem to be buring a lot. This may sound silly but does anyone else get this?!

Kat x



Thanks for your responses. It is quite embarrassing when I'm constantly burping at work etc..!!!

K x


Yup *hic*...

...and not only that, I have indigestion all the time and it feels like I have a stitch, even when just sitting about.

It's pretty anti-social, but I am having to burp a lot! I can't understand it cos ordinarily, I would have to eat really fast or drink something fizzy before burping as much as I am now. I don't get how being pregnant can affect every little thing your body does.

It is normal isn ...


Gassy & burpy

Hi Kat

I am 10 weeks pregnant (first child) n ever since i found out that i am pregnant, i've been gassy at first and burping a lot til now, especially late afternoon and evening.

I read elsewere that being gassy is one of the strange symptoms of being pregnant. So i guess we r 2 strange mothers-to-be

Enjoy the prgnancy!

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