Can u get pregnant right after your period??


i had sex a few days after my period ended and i've been feelin the symptoms of pregnancy. i was just wonderin if it is actually to get pregnant in this period of time? and if anyone else has experienced something similar to this? thanks!



just seen this post and honestly I am wondering the exact same thing I am in the same situation right now, and I am already a mother of 2 and I'm kinda freaking out lol but everything happens for a reason so I'm not worried to much about it, if I miss my period then I miss my period..


Can you get pregnant

The probabilities of getting pregnant in your period is different. Read more about it here: http://motherhow.com/can-you-get-pregnant-on-your-period/


yes, you can. but it will be difficult

Read more why is it possible http://www.canyougetpregnantwhileonyo urperiod.com/can-you-get-pregnant-right-after-your-period/


Not sure if i'm pregnant or not....

Same thing here. I had sex 2 days after my period finished, (which unfortunately ended with me and my friend being unprotected as the condom had broken and we didn't realise until later, so we don't know if he came inside me or in the condom; or if any leaked out). Is it possible that I could be pregnant? because ever since this I've been feeling really sick for the past 6 days, and finding I'm more tired than usual and have gone off food.


Reply to ur post

i just had the same thing happen i still dont know whether im pregnant. but im goin with a friend to get a pregnancy test and she is gonna take it with me.



Okay, so me and my partner had sex like 2 days after my period, 2 nights in a row he cam (however you spell it lol) in me. I was just wondering if it was possible that i am pregnant, I am havin lil pains in my lower area on the right side, and im havin a lot of gas, and using the restroom alot...so im wondering the same thing, if i could be pregnant or not??....kinda freakin' out a lil', Im in the military and we recently broke up so I'm scared of being a single mom, idk if i could do it, i just wanna find out, if its possible lol



Hi i just sow your post well the same thing happend to me as well mate!!!
I had sex after my period and i have really sore boobs and have been feeling sick a little,been eating more as well!!!!
Sow i no wt your feeling!!!
Thanks talk soon!!X


Dont know if am pregnant, and if i am i am scared as hell......

after my pried, i had sex 6days after....could i be pregnant?


Am worried i could be pregnant

by: ouma68

After my periods, i had sex on the 9th day after my periods. is it possible that i could be pregnant?


okay now me and my partner had sex and he came insiside me more than once. After that he has been coming inside me and he just came inside me yeatersay morning. Today i went to the bathroom and i had some blood coming out , i wiped and there was blood. I ate lunch and went back to the bathroom, There wasnt blood in my pea but when i wiped there was very light blood spots.
I jsut wanted to kno does that mean im not pregnant or could i b pregnant becuase my partner ejacualted in me more than one time and i feel the symptoms of pregnancy i cant suck my stomach in , im starting to eat alot and i get nausea in the mornings, i get very sleepy and my stomach is gettin real hard and i feel a heart beat when i lay down . somebody please help me becuase i dnt kno wats going on.


Who knows!!!!!!!

i took my last pill of the pack, had my peroid was being nice to my partner every night lol (once finished) and havent seen again,
im now 5w + pregnant

jane x x x


Ohhh yes you can!!!!!

I had sex a few days after my pregnancy thinking that having sex then coupled with the fact I really cant be that fertile at 39 would be ok. Hmmm..... I'm now nearly 25 weeks pregnant!!!!!

To be honest even though it was a shock I'm now really pleased I'm pregnant as I would never had planned to have a baby like this and I think my fertile days would have passed me by with me dating the wong guys!!!!

Hope that if you are pregnant its not too much of a shock for you hun and if you want any advice you can always post on here of PM me.

Love Nikki & Traivys bump 24+6 weeks xx


Can u get pregnant a day after your period ends?

i had sex the next morning after my period ended . i had unprotected sex and i felt sick from there on after. i had cramps and i still am . can i be pregnant?? i am using the bathroom more and been really tired.


Hi hun

by: rach687

Maybe... depends on how long your period lasts and when you ovulate, sperm can survive for several days. When was your last period? Only way to find out is to take a test, which won't be accurate until your period is definately late. Usually you wouldn't get symptoms until 4-6weeks from your last period, certainly not the day after unprotected sex, but everyone is different so if you don't get your period then the best idea would be to take a home pregnancy test or see your doctor. Hope this helps!

Rach xx



by: tartansue

Indeed you can, I ovulate on day 9, if the period lasts a week then of course you can...bear in mind sperm can live inside you for 4 or 5 days. Good luck!


by: adele1277

OH MY GOD, there is really no need for that!! People come on here because they are scared and worried and maybe have no one else to talk to, we have no right to judge anyone. People make mistakes.



She removed the post!!

by: adele1277

She obviously realised she was wrong to put it

Adele xx


Well said adele!!!!

by: globalgirluk

I totally agree with you. Luckily those kind of comments are very few and far between on this site. If I had posted for the first time on this site and come accross an answer like Mee's I proably wouldn't have come back on. That would have been a real shame as this site has been a godsend. So for the two ladies that have posted with worries of having unprotected sex please dont be put off by Mee's comments, the majority of the poeple on here are so not like that.

As I said I had unprotected sex thinking it was ok cos it was just after my period and I'm not a teenager, I'm 39. It has been a shock but its not the end of the world guys. I'm now really looking forward to the birth of my baby even though I'm doing it alone. Just remember guys you always have a choice and dont suffer in silence. There is always somebody on here willing to listen and help

Love Nikki & much loved Traivys bump 24+6 weeks xx


Its me

by: mee42

heeyyy girlies : )
so what have i missed then
i didnt think i was wrong ive just not been on!

why would a 39 year old come on here : ) haha

ive 96 but ive a groovy gran : )
i have 20 grandchildren + 10 daughters!
byeee ladies.
good look with the birth.



by: kirsty125

i am so sorry about that comment it was my gran she has a problem, sorry again :S
good look with the birth ladies xxxx

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