Could i be pregnant?


I have come of depo (neddle) since last year, had a kind of period last month and now its going through my head that i could be pregnant! Or is it just my head playin mind games? Not being rude but me and my partner have had loads of sex since my period just incase!

I already have a child and i didnt know i was pregnant with her till i was gone 3 months and that was only cuz my boobs got massive and i was violenty sick after a night drinking which i never am!

I have some syptoms like, sore boobs, feeling tired ALL the time, feeling sick! Could i be or is it in my head? Is it 2 early 2 b gettin these syptoms? Dont wanna spend a fourtune on a test, i cant really afford it!



just wanted to let you know that i was on depo for about 4 years and was due my injection at the end of january but as we had decided to try for a baby i didnt go for it. i had a period that month and one in february and then must have fell pregnant sometime after that one. although we lost that baby i just thought thought i would let you know that it doesnt necessarily take years to fall pregnant whilst on the depo. it only took us a few weeks really and i have a lot of health probs too so doctors were surprised i had gotten pregnant at all never mind after just coming off depo.

anyway like they say just keep having fun trying haha! good luck to u both and everyone else xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



For all yer replies but my sister-in-law got me a test cause she wanted 2 know and it turns out it was negative!!

Oh well i guess i got plenty of time! Maybe it is to soon, i checked a website about depo and it said it can take 12 months for fertility to start again!

Thanks again x



btw, im now 28 weeks pregnant with a little baby boy. hope everythin is ok for you

mel xx



hi. i was on the depo injection for 3 and a half years. and i came off it 2 years ago. i only fell pregnant last oct. i miscarried. but fell pregnant again 2 week later. i guess it just different for everyone.

mel xx


Depo injection

I was on the depo injection just for three months and didn't realise that it was suppose to have such lasting effects until i researced it on the internet where i read that it could take over 12 months to get pregnant and even years for some women, so i panicked and didnt go for another injection because we wanted to start a family and i thought it could take years now.

I was due to have another injection the beginning of November and had my period (kind of) the beginning of December, I am now 16 weeks pregnant so i must have concieved some time in january, so dont take to heart too much what you read, it is definately possible that you could be pregnant, all the best.

Becky 16+4 xx


Its possible

by: scallionz

i was on similar injections,to help shrink a fibroid before surgery i was on them for 7 months had the op last august,06 and was told it would take me at least a year, i fell pregnant in january!!07 now 16 weeks, so you could well be !!!

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