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Hi All

I had blood tests when I decided to try for a baby and they came back fine except I'm not immune to toxoplasmosis. Been reading about it and it means I've never had the infection before so haven't developed an immunity to it. So I'm going once every month for another blood test for it while I'm pregnant. Another thing to worry about!

I live in France, this is the procedure. Is it same in UK? Anyone else having to do this? Should I not be stroking and petting my cat? Poor cat will be neglected for the pregnancy but if it means keeping little bean safe then thats how it will be.....

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Hi there,
i live in Paris and that's quite normal. I need to go take these tests every month.I'm so glad that they are covered by Social Security. In Paris there are lots of things that you are told not to do. You can stroke you cat but you are advised not to chenge it's litter and wash you hands after gardening and wash your vegetables properly aswell.

Don't worry if your follow their guidelines and becareful it will be ok. The thing is there is no cure for the toxoplasmosis .Speaking of which I need to go take my test, I'm late.

Cheers and good luck.

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